Small Backyard Landscaping: 15+ Beautiful Inspirations for Modern Home

Nowadays, most homeowners prefer to have a minimalist home with a compact size both for the interior and the exterior. You often see that a house today looks so simple which makes it more effective and efficient.

Dealing with small outdoor living space like backyard is not easy, you have to make it look and feel inviting with very limited space. You have to think about space management to style up a small backyard with decor items, plantations, water feature, and other stuff.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a backyard which looks adorable and feel comfortable when it’s not really that big. With some great inspirations, you can steal some idea how to turn your narrow backyard into a mesmerizing garden.

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Here, we have picked some great small backyard landscaping ideas that you can use as the reference when you are about to enhance the attractiveness of your narrow outdoor living space. These ideas will help you a lot to find a small backyard design which really suits your needs, taste and the layout of your exterior.

Best Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Bright Rocky Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 1

Here, white gravel and grey round flagstone are used as the base which are good choices for a narrow backyard. They give a bright overall look in a very natural way. A loveseat and round table are provided to become the main sitting area.

Rustic Decor

Small Backyard Landscaping 2

The exposed brick exterior wall gives a gorgeous rustic touch to this narrow backyard’s decor. Its earthy flagstone base and white concrete fence with brick texture even enhance the rustic nuance beautifully. The natural shade made of steel and greeneries makes it more enjoyable.

Chic Narrow Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 3

A simple small backyard with concrete base and earthy decoration that you can easily create. The base is painted in beige which makes it look so stylish. A rustic bench and table give another style to its overall look.

Pallet Garden

Small Backyard Landscaping 4

The base of this small backyard is made of wood pallet which makes it fit for you who love DIY project. The pallet creates a unique rustic nuance alongside those vintage pieces of furniture. To protect the yard from sun exposure, lattice fence with climbing vine is installed.

Uniquely Earthy

Small Backyard Landscaping 5

The brown rocky overall look of this backyard creates a very mesmerizing earthy nuance. Some tall trees work very well both to decorate and shade the yard. The yard feels so warm which makes you love to spend a long time around.

Naturally Elegant

Small Backyard Landscaping 6

This small backyard looks so elegant with its black gravel base and rustic rocky walkpath. Lots of greeneries decorate the area which add a more colorful nuance and fresh atmosphere. It’s a very simple decor that you can add to your inspiration list.

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Neutral Nuance

Small Backyard Landscaping 7

Grey colorizes the rocky base and the wood fence of this narrow backyard which creates a gorgeous neural overall look. Moreover, a black pergola is installed on the corner of the yard which becomes the main focal point here. Greeneries in various shapes then make the decor look way more attractive.

Simple Modern Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 8

A very simple decor which fits really well for a minimalist modern house. The base combines concrete flooring and green grass field, creating a beautiful color mixture. The modern wood fence then gives a rustic touch gorgeously.

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Minimalist Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 9

The combination of black and white gravel of this backyard’s base creates a unique nuance in a modern style. Some aloeveras then decorate the yard in a very simple way yet so enough to make it look stylish.

Woody Nuance

Small Backyard Landscaping 10

Wood is used to create two platforms and fence which dominate the space of this long narrow backyard which makes it look rustic. The greeneries decorate some corners of the yard to give another touch of color. For sure, it’s a chic and cozy backyard landscaping for you who have limited space.

Earthy Modern Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 11

An elegant backyard with clean-lined rectangular flagstone base in bright grey which is perfect for a minimalist home. The black wood planters add a more modern touch with its sleek design. In the corner of the yard, a small sitting area with wood platform is built.

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Stylish Small Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping feature

The decor of this small backyard looks so stylish with the white concrete and grass base, white wood fence, and colorful plantations. An L-shaped bench in natural wood finish as the main sitting area flows beautifully with the earthy nuance of the yard.

Rustic Modern Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 12

Another beautiful inspiration for you who love rustic decoration that you can easily copy. Here, the exposed brick wall and planters give a rustic touch while its gravel and flagstone walkpath make it look more modern. It’s a unique idea to style up your very own small backyard.

Colorful Small Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 13

A beautiful small backyard with colorful flowers which everyone will totally love. The decor looks so earthy which combines natural elements like rock and greeneries. This kind of backyard fits perfectly both for modern or classic home.

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Modern Minimalist Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 14

Grey gravels and sleek flagstone are combined in this small backyard to create a modern nuance. The concrete fence with its natural finish also complements the decor of the yard elegantly. Greeneries and trees then take over a large area of this simple backyard.

Decorative Modern Backyard

Small Backyard Landscaping 15

A very stunning small backyard which looks so decorative with tons of elements like wood, rock, trees, and greeneries. All of those elements complement each other attractively, creating mesmerizing decor with limited space.

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