Pallet Living Room Decor: 20+ Easy and Simple DIY Projects to Try

Decorating your living room is a very fun thing to do. You can put lots of various decor items to make it look so attractive.

One of the spot that you can’t leave behind when you decorate your living room is wall. A living room with an empty wall doesn’t look so attractive, so it’s so much better if you hang some decor items on.

For sure, you can buy lots of catchy decor items to style up your living room in then market. But, they can be quite pricey and may not suit your needs and taste.

For that, you can create your very own decor items to decorate your living room all by yourself. It’s a good alternative for you who have a limited budget and want to have some unique stuff.

Below, we share you some inspiring DIY living room decor items which are made of wood shipping pallet!

DIY Pallet Living Room Decor

Floating Shelves

diy pallet living room 1
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An outstanding floating shelf made of pallet which will enhance the style of your living room and provide additional storage. You can display some small decor items with this shelf.

Pallet Wall Art

diy pallet living room 2
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A unique decor item to hang on your living room wall that you can easily make at home. You just need some wall decal and decorate it with the pallet frame.

Jewelery Hanger

diy pallet living room 3
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An adorable wood pallet decor item that you can use to hang your necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other kinds of jewelery. The crystal knobs add a more sunning touch to this decor item.

Wood Map

diy pallet living room 5
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A catchy decor item for you who love traveling. It’s simply made of wood pallet with the world map painting in white.

Colorful Pallet Planter

diy pallet living room 6
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If you want to have a colorful living room decor, this DIY pallet planter can be a good reference for you. You can place some small indoor plants on it.

Letter Shelf

diy pallet living room 7
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This one is a fun decor item that you can custom as you wish. It’s a floating shelf that you can use to display some decor items.

Small Floating Shelf

diy pallet living room 8
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An easy DIY pallet living room decor item which works as an additional storage. The shelf is finished in natural wood look to give a rustic touch to your living room.

Chevron Wall Art

diy pallet living room 9
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A very stylish wall art in a chevron pattern that will make your living room wall look so attractive. You just need to cut some wood planks from the pallet and finish them with the colors that you love.

Hanging TV Rack

diy pallet living room 11
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This DIY living room decor item will protect your TV and make the decor look so mesmerizing. The oval accents make the rack look more decorative.

Wooden Star

diy pallet living room 12
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You just need to cut some wood planks into various shapes and stack them to create this chic wooden star. Its rustic finish will give another style to your living room decor.

Fairy Wall Art

diy pallet living room 13
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Prepare a small wood pallet, mason jar, and string light to create this beautiful wall art. It’s a wonderful wall art to light up your living room.

Hanging Candle Holder

diy pallet living room 14
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The boxes of this beautiful pallet wall art can be used to hold some tealight candles. It’s a very easy and simple idea to make your living room look brightly beautiful.

Bottle Planter Holder

diy pallet living room 15
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The main materials to make this DIY pallet living room decor are some glass bottles, wood pallets, twine, and dry plants. It’s a gorgeous hanging planter to decorate your beloved living room.

Ladder Photo Frame

diy pallet living room 16
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A cute decor item which you can use to hang your beloved photos. The design is inspired by ladder and will make your living room look so admirable.

Eventually, those are some beautiful DIY pallet living room decor items which are so inspiring to try. They are so worth to be an ultimate reference when you are about to add some unique decor items to your very own living room.

You will not have to spend a lot to create the decor items with wood pallets as its main material. They are cheap and easily available, but with some touches you can turn them into surprising decor items.

Those inspirations will ease you to find some decor items which you really love. Be careful to always stay safe while you are executing a DIY project.

Pick the best idea and make your own pallet living room decor now!

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