DIY Over the Bed Decorating Tips to Try Right Away

You can’t really have a chic and cozy bedroom with a boring space over your bed. It’s the area that can give a nice vibe once you decorate it properly.

For sure, it can be quite clueless to get the job done, but our quick over the bed decorating tips below will help you to solve the challenges.

Over the Bed Decorating Tips

Over the Bed Decorating Tips
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Display wall art

Of course, the easiest way to decorate the space above your bed is to hang a striking wall art. You can consider adding portrait art that will surely become the main focal point of the room.

The rule of thumb to add wall art over your bed is to choose one which is around two-thirds of its width. This is a safe scale that fits a narrow to a medium bedroom. If you have a large bedroom, it’s never wrong to add a piece that spans the width of the bed.

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Soften the decor

Although you don’t install a window behind your bed, adding some soft curtains to the space is never a bad idea. They will give a more aesthetic touch without overwhelming the vibe. Instead, the curtains provide a soothing vibe that also helps you to have a more relaxing time. Choose the ones in neutral shades to achieve the best result.

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Make it bold

Do you prefer to go with a bold vibe? Well, the wallpaper should be your top priority. There are tons of wallpaper that come with bold colors and striking patterns that will instantly bring the style of your bedroom to a whole new level.

Once you have decorated the space behind the bed with wallpaper, there’s no need for you to add anything else. Therefore, it’s a good solution for you to get an attractive overall look without costing you a lot.

Another alternative to bold wallpaper, a custom moral is definitely worth considering. It allows you to choose any picture or pattern that you’d love to beautify your bedroom. If a custom mural sounds too complicated, you can consider choosing wall decals or peel-and-stick wall murals.

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Tapestry for Boho style

For sure, we can’t miss talking about Boho decorating style when it comes to the most popular decorating styles. It never fails to make the room look adorable and feel comfortable at the same time.

A tapestry is always a go-to decor item to complete the space over the bed when you choose Boho to style up the room. Make it more attractive by choosing a multicolor handwoven tapestry.

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Freshen it up

Let’s go with a more natural nuance by choosing some greeneries to decorate the space over your bed. There are tons of chic indoor plants with beautiful colors and patterns which are enough to style up the room naturally. As a bonus, you will get a very refreshing air throughout the day.

However, keep in mind that you may require some daily maintenance to keep those greeneries alive.

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