These Bedroom Shelving Ideas Will Fit Your Modern Decor Stylishly

Shelving is always an essential part of every room inside your house. The existence of some shelves provides convenient storage to keep your stuff neatly and display your favorite decor items.

To provide a cozy and chic shelving system in your bedroom, we have compiled some steps that you can refer to. Just keep scrolling to check out our inspiring bedroom shelving ideas to copy right away!

Bedroom Shelving Ideas

Bedroom Shelving Ideas
Photo by James Hollingworth on Unsplash

Float the shelves

Of course, you almost can’t find modern bedrooms without any existence of floating shelves. It provides sleek storage stations that fit really well when you have a room with limited space. You can freely install floating shelves around the room since it doesn’t take up a lot of space but is convenient enough to keep your items neatly.

Take up the walls

For those who’d like to have a huge shelving system, don’t be afraid to take up one side of the wall for your shelving system. This may be an expensive upgrade but you will get super spacious storage stations in one place that you can use to store your books, wall art, indoor plants, and other stuff. Wood is definitely a nice material that you can use to build the shelves.

Build the shelves

Another great option for those who have an extra budget, you can consider building the shelves on the walls. The built-in shelving system offers ample storage in a very convenient way. You don’t really have to build big built-in shelves, just use one corner of the room to get the job done.

Get more creative

Don’t get stuck on using the common pieces of furniture which are specifically designed to provide storage, be more creative by using other stuff around. For instance, a ladder can work to store your throw blankets, window ledges to store your throw pillows, a mantel to store some picture frames, and so on.

Build storage nook

If you love to read some books while sitting calmly in your bedroom, consider creating a storage nook. You can install some shelves in one corner of the room to keep your beloved books neatly and place a cozy chair that fits you well. The shelving will define the space in a very functional way.

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Consider floating nightstands

Today, you can find gorgeous floating shelves which are really good to complete a modern bedroom. They come in a very sleek design that doesn’t create a stuffy nuance inside a bedroom with limited space.

Freshen up the vibe

Last but not least, indoor plants are the elements that can’t be left behind. They are great to complete the shelvings, nightstands, and other storage stations in your bedroom.

As you may have been aware, they work really great to freshen the vibe inside the room by their ability to filter the air. Further, their beautiful colors and patterns will also give natural aesthetic touches to the overall look around.

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