How to Make Small Bathroom Look Bigger in an Instant

With some tricks, you can easily make your tiny bathroom which feels quite cramped look much bigger. There’s no need to hire a pro to get the job done, the simple touches here and there will give you a very surprising result.

Check out our easy guide on how to make small bathroom look bigger below for your ultimate reference.

How to Make Small Bathroom Look Bigger

How to Make Small Bathroom Look Bigger
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Prioritize neutral shades

Neutral shades are the ones that you should look up to in coloring a small bathroom. especially if you don’t have enough windows to let natural light come around.

White, grey and light beige are some colors that will help your tiny bathroom look and feel airy instead of choosing the bolder options. You can either choose one neutral shade (like an all-white look) or combine some of them as the main color of the room.

Let the light in

If you are lucky enough to install windows that directly face the outdoor surrounding, do it. Windows work really great to create an open and airy feel. There’s no need to build a lot of windows but a single one with a sleek and clean design is totally enough.

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Choose the right mirror

Mirrors can create a big impression in a small bathroom, so make sure that you choose the right one. The best option is to choose a large sleek mirror to create the illusion that your small bathroom looks bigger than it actually is. You will have a spacious vibe around once you have installed the right mirror.

Floor-to-ceiling storage

Choosing a lot of storage stations to complete your small bathroom is not really a wise idea. Instead, consider choosing a bathroom cabinet with a floor-to-ceiling design that provides an ample centered storage station. This type of storage is enough to handle all of your essentials with very convenient access.

Clear shower door

Shower curtains actually make a tiny bathroom feel more cramped. To overcome the challenge, choose a see-through shower door that will separate the areas without cramping the room. You might need to invest more, but having an open-space layout in a tiny bathroom is totally a great idea.

Float your vanity

A floating vanity is a perfect addition to a minimalist bathroom. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on the flooring so you don’t have to worry about the size of the room. Plus, you will have an empty space underneath that you can use to maximize the storage inside.

Add some greeneries

Today, you almost can’t see minimalist bathrooms without greeneries in their decors. Yes, they become one of the most popular additions to enhancing beauty and comfort in a small bathroom in a natural way.

Those plants will give nice colors to the neutral nuance of the room without making it feel overwhelming. Moreover, you will have fresh air around as well. If there’s no space to put potted plants on the flooring, you can consider cute hanging plants to decorate the room.

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