This is How You Should Organize a Refrigerator Effectively

You must love your refrigerator but you don’t really arrange a good organization inside. That’s why you have a supper messy fridge that looks like a complete mess and doesn’t provide convenient access.

To solve the issue, check out our quick guide on how to organize a refrigerator below that you can apply right away!

How to Organize a Refrigerator

How to Organize a Refrigerator
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Empty and wipe the fridge

Emptying the whole fridge is a good way to start organizing everything so you should take all the foods and items out. Throw away the foods which already pass their expiration, outdated leftovers, and items that you will no longer use.

Once the fridge is completely empty, wipe the interior with a damp cloth.

Categorize your stuff

Of course, categorizing things inside your fridge will make a good organization. Give the fruits, vegetables, condiments, and other foods their own home without mixing them up.

One thing to keep in mind is to always keep your daily items at eye level so you can grab them easily and quickly.

Manage your groceries

It’s actually not wise to directly store your groceries in your fridge directly once you bought them from the store. Their bulky packaging will turn the interior of your refrigerator into a complete mess.

Instead of using their store-bought packaging, move the items to food containers so you can have a much neater organization. Consider choosing clear containers so you can see the foods even from distance. Also, use stackable items that will optimally use the space on the fridge’s shelves.

Use labeling system

To even provide more convenience, stick some labels to the food containers to tell everyone the designated home for each category. Keep in mind to never make the labeling specific because you tend to buy different foods and items on a weekly basis. For instance, instead of writing ‘Mango’ on the label, it’s better for you to write ‘Fruit’, so you can use the containers for different kinds of fruits conveniently.

Utilize the door properly

Yes, the door is obviously the space where you can store a lot of food when the shelves are just not enough. However, not all items fit the back of the door because it’s the area that gets an inconsistent temperature. You don’t want to store any kind of milk there but only use the area to keep sauces, dressings, condiments, spreads, and jams.

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Add one multi-purpose basket

In addition to those clear containers, consider adding one single basket that you can use to store particular items. For instance, the basket is good to keep the ‘eat first’ food so everyone will be aware of which food they should eat immediately to reduce the amount of food waste.

Adjust the shelves

If your fridge comes with adjustable shelves, you are so lucky. They will help you to have better organization even when you need to store items in various sizes.

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