Pallet Dining Table: 15+ Easy and Cheap DIY Inspirations to Try

Wood pallet has become an everyone’s favorite when it comes to a DIY project. You can turn them easily to various kinds of stuff like furniture, decor items, accessories, etc.

The price of used wood shipping pallet is also very affordable, you can even get it for free if you are lucky enough. That is why it’s definitely a good alternative when you have a plan to decorate your house but you have a limited budget.

The furniture and decor items which are made of wood shipping pallet have its distinctive style since you can create them based on your imagination. So, you will have a unique home decor once you use wood pallet as the materials to create some stuff.

Dining table is one of the furniture that you can make out of wood pallets. Some creative homeowners have tried it and look so inspiring to try.

Below, we share you some admirable pallet dining table ideas that you can try to make at home all by yourself.

DIY Pallet Dining Table Ideas

Red Table with Glass Top

pallet dining table 1

The red finish of this pallet dining table makes it look vibrantly attractive. It even comes with the glass top which enhances its beauty. The size of the table is quite large which can occupy 8 dining chairs.

Dining Table with Storage

pallet dining table 2

An inspiring DIY pallet dining table which comes with the built-in storage on its side. You can use the shelf to put some glassware and bottles so you can access them conveniently.

Colorful Finish

pallet dining table 3

This idea shows us how to create a catchy dining table with several finishes in one design. You need to pull out the wood of the pallet and finish each plank with various colors as you wish. The dining chairs are also made of pallet which makes it look so adorable to set in your dining room.

Pallet Table with Steel Legs

pallet dining table 4

A sturdy-looking dining table with pallet top and tapered steel legs which is so tempting to have. Its natural finish will give a gorgeous rustic touch to your dining room decor.

Decorative Dining Table

pallet dining table 17

The curvy accent of this pallet dining table definitely makes it look so beautiful. It gives a classic touch which fits gorgeously with the rustic finish of the table.

Round Dining Table

pallet dining table 5

If you prefer a round dining table than the square or rectangular one, this idea can be a good reference for you. It looks naturally beautiful with its earthy finish and you can place 6 dining chairs around.

Hexagonal Dining Table

pallet dining table 6

Another pallet dining table with a chic shape and this one is designed in hexagonal style. For sure, it will make your dining room decor look sophisticated in a very distinctive way.

Minimalist Dining Table

pallet dining table 18

A simple yet stylish pallet dining table which is a good option for you who love minimalist decorating style. The top of the table is made of some small wood planks from shipping pallet and the strong steel wires are used to create its legs.

Chevron Dining Table

pallet dining table 7

This pallet dining table comes with the chevron pattern which makes it look so catchy. It still keeps the natural wood finish to add a rustic nuance to your dining room decor. The legs are made of steel to ensure its stability and durability.

Colorful Pallet Table

pallet dining table 8

A beautiful pallet table which combines various shades cleverly. It looks colorful and will become the main focal point of your dining room which grabs a lot of attention. Its distressed texture makes it well for you who love shabby chic decorating style.

Simple Rustic Table

pallet dining table 9

This one is a simple dining table in natural finish which looks beautiful enough to add to your dining room. It’s surely a very easy project that you can try without costing you a lot.

Industrial Style Table

pallet dining table 10

The combination of deep wood finish and black steel of this pallet dining table design makes it a good choice to decorate an industrial decorating style. You can see the shape of the looks which gives a very sophisticated touch to the table’s overall look.

Modern Farmhouse Table

pallet dining table 11

A gorgeous dining table in modern design that you can add to your ultimate inspiration list. The table has square black steel legs which looks so fascinating.

Small Dining Table

pallet dining table 12

This small pallet dining table is a good inspiration for you who want to create one for your kids. It’s made in small dimensions and can fit 2 to 4 dining chairs for kids.

Pallet Table with Drawers

pallet dining table 13

An easy pallet dining table which comes with hidden drawers that you can use to put your cutleries. The legs are finished in white which makes it look much brighter.

Rustic Colorful Table

pallet dining table 14

Another colorful pallet dining table which is so inspiring to make. Though it looks colorful, it still keeps the wood texture of the pallet which then makes it look more rustic. The color is so gorgeous to style up your dining room decor.

Decorative Pallet Table

pallet dining table 15

The pattern of this pallet dining table is definitely a work of art. You can try to create this kind of dining table by pulling out the wood planks out of shipping pallet, cut them into various sizes, and put them in certain formations. Its steel wore legs in tapered design adds a modern touch to the tables’ design gorgeously.

Earthy Pallet Table

pallet dining table 16

A stunning big pallet table with a natural wood finish and texture which will not fail to beautify your dining room decor. The design is so simple and can handle up to eight dining chairs.

Well, those are the amazing inspirations of DIY pallet dining table that you can use as your ultimate reference. Pick the best idea and start your own pallet dining table project now!

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