Long Narrow Bathroom Ideas: 20+ Best Designs To Steal

As minimalist decorating style keeps becoming more and more popular, bathroom is getting smaller and smaller. But, it doesn’t mean that you will have an uncomfortable and an unattractive bathroom that you can’t enjoy.

Today, a long narrow bathroom is everyone’s favorite since it’s chosen by so many homeowners. It offers an effective and efficient layout with a very compact space which doesn’t take a lot of space inside your house.

A long narrow bathroom fits very well for you who love simplicity and doesn’t have large space to build a big bathroom. It’s a very good option for a minimalist lover.

However, it’s not really easy to decorate a long narrow bathroom since you have to deal with a limited space. You have to think properly in making your bathroom look admirable and feel comfortable even with a small space.

To help you out, we share you some great inspirations for long narrow bathroom that you can use as the reference below.

Long Narrow Bathroom Ideas

long narrow bathroom 1
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long narrow bathroom 2
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long narrow bathroom 3
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long narrow bathroom 4
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long narrow bathroom 5
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long narrow bathroom 7
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long narrow bathroom 9
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long narrow bathroom 10
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long narrow bathroom 11
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long narrow bathroom 12
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long narrow bathroom 13
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long narrow bathroom 14
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long narrow bathroom 15
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long narrow bathroom 16
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long narrow bathroom 17
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long narrow bathroom 19
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long narrow bathroom 20
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Inspiring, right? Well, those ideas are so worth to add to your inspiration list when have a plan to build a small bathroom inside your minimalist house. They successfully blend all the elements, creating an attractive decor with a very cozy vibe inside a bathroom with limited space.

A long narrow bathroom is a very good choice to consider when you don’t have a huge space or budget to build a bathroom. Those ideas will help you out to design your very own long narrow bathroom.

In addition, below we have some simple and easy tips that you can consider to decorate a long narrow bathroom.

Tips to Decorate a Long Narrow Bathroom

Neutral Background

Neutral shades are always the best options when it comes to colorizing a small space. It gives a brightly balance overall look that will not make your bathroom look either gloomy or intimidating.

White and light grey will do a great job as the background color of a long narrow bathroom. They make the room look elegantly bright and feel relaxing.

Compact Fixtures

The bathroom fixtures with compact and sleek designs are massively available in the market. In fact, they are specifically designed for a narrow bathroom.

Avoid using fixtures with too many details especially if you want to have a more modern decor. Those kinds of bathroom fixtures don’t really suit well for a minimalist decorating style.

Slim Furniture

If you insist to install a bathroom vanity in a long narrow bathroom, make sure you choose the one with a slim design. It won’t take a lot of space but still provides ample storage for you.

Big Mirror

A big mirror can give a wider impression inside a long narrow bathroom. It also reflects the light which will make your bathroom look brighter and feel airier.

Make it Tidy

You can let your bathroom stuff litter a long narrow bathroom which will create a very uninviting atmosphere. You have to be creative in providing storage which will keep them neatly arranged.


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