25+ Inspiring Modern Wood Fence Ideas to Beautify Your Backyard

Your backyard is not really complete without any fences installed. It’s kind of an essential element that you have to keep in mind to properly decorate your exterior area.

As you may have known, the backyard fence is made of several materials like wood, iron, vinyl, and concrete. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses which may or may not suit you. It mainly relates to style, durability, and reliability.

Wood is often considered as the most authentic fence which will never fail to make your backyard look way more beautiful. Its earthy style blends really well with the natural outdoor surrounding. That’s why wood still becomes one of the most favorite options when it comes to fencing material up until today.

But, you still have to carefully choose what kind of wood that suits your best. Redwood and cedar are always everyone’s favorite to be the main material of a backyard fence.

Cedar is known as high-quality wood which is admirable, durable, and reliable at the same time. It’s a good natural material which fits well even to use as an addition to the exterior of a home.

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The reason why cedar has better quality than the other kinds of wood is that it can produce natural oil which helps it to be more durable. It prevents the wood from rot, chip, or wrap. Moreover, bugs also hate this oil.

To inspire you, below we share dozens of beautiful modern wood fence ideas that you will love.

Best Modern Wood Fence Ideas

Modern Wood Fence: Tall Privacy Fence

Modern Wood Fence 1

This one is a stylish cedar fence which will give great privacy around your outdoor living space. The design looks so simple which fits very well for a home with modern minimalist decor. To make it look more attractive, some greeneries then decorate it beautifully.

Modern Wood Fence: Level Wood Fence

Modern Wood Fence 2

A simply gorgeous cedar fence which has levelling design to enhance the attractiveness of your backyard. It still comes with a sleek and clean-lined style which is perfect to decorate a modern backyard.

Modern Wood Fence: Brick and Wood Fence

Modern Wood Fence 3

Here, the cedar wood panel is attached to the wall with an exposed brick finish, creating a unique rustic overall look. The bed with white rocks then brighten up the fencing area while those plantations give a more attractive color touch and more refreshing vibe.

Modern Wood Fence: Gorgeous Earthy Fence

Modern Wood Fence 4

The combination of cedar fence which consists of reddish wood planks and those greeneries create a very beautiful backyard decor that everyone will love. It combines natural vibrant colors which flow gorgeously with the outdoor surrounding.

Modern Wood Fence: Chic Contemporary Design

Modern Wood Fence 5

In this idea, some tall cedar panels are arranged in a random position which then becomes a unique fence. It looks distinctively stunning which also create good privacy. Some unique plants with chic planter then beautify the fence perfectly.

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Modern Wood Fence: Simple Earthy Fence

Modern Wood Fence 6

For you who want to have a cedar fence which lets more air to come to your outdoor living space, this idea can be a good reference to copy. The planks in various sizes are arranged in certain formation with a wide gap between each one of them. The tall trees and various kinds of plantation then beautify the fence and provide more privacy at the same time.

Modern Wood Fence: Private Lattice Fence

Modern Wood Fence 7

This beautiful cedar fence comes with the lattice top but unlike the common lattice tops, it doesn’t have any holes which is good for you want to have a decorative fence with a full privacy feature. The posts between each panel are painted in a darker wood finish to make it look more colorful.

Modern Wood Fence: Combo Fence Design

Modern Wood Fence 8

Here, the simple cedar fence which is made of several wood planks work as the main fence while some cedar panels with greeneries in a lattice design are placed behind it. Those panels bring the style of the fence to a whole new level and bring more comfort to this outdoor living space.

Modern Wood Fence: Fence and Planter Design

Modern Wood Fence 9

An admirable cedar fence which also comes with the wood planter in a similar finish. The planters work as the base of the fence where the panels are attached. For sure, it’s a very inspiring modern fence that you can copy.

Modern Wood Fence: Simple Decorative Fence

Modern Wood Fence 10

An inspiring cedar fence which is designed in a very simple style but attractive enough to make your backyard look way admirable. The vine decorates the fence to make it look more colorful.

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Just keep scrolling to find more modern wood fence ideas that you will totally admire below!

Modern Wood Fence 11


Modern Wood Fence 12


Modern Wood Fence 13


Modern Wood Fence 14


Modern Wood Fence 15


Modern Wood Fence 16


Modern Wood Fence 17


Modern Wood Fence 18


Modern Wood Fence 19


Modern Wood Fence 20

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Modern Wood Fence 21


Modern Wood Fence 22


Modern Wood Fence 23


Modern Wood Fence 24


Modern Wood Fence 25

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Well, that is the list of modern wood that we have created just for you. You can use it as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to install a fence in your backyard.

Choosing cedar as the main material of the backyard fence is always a good idea. It has a natural feature which makes it so durable to face the harsh outdoor environment. It’s has a good ability to deal with any weather conditions.

The durability of cedar wood also means that you won’t be bothered by tricky maintenance overtimes. Moreover, it’s also fairly more affordable than redwood.

You just need to choose the best cedar wood fence that really suits your needs and taste then start decorating your very own outdoor living space now!

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