DIY Backyard Lighting: 20+ Inspiring Projects That You Can Try

When the summer is coming, your outdoor living space becomes the most joyful space that you can use to do a lot of things. Having an outdoor dining time, coffee time, or just simply enjoying the fresh summer air sound so exhilarating to do.

For that, you should have an outdoor space which look admirable and feel comfortable at the same time. Of course, it relates to how you decorate your outdoor living space since you can’t really enjoy a hard without any pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories.

Lighting is one of the main elements of the decor that you always have to keep in mind, even for your backyard. Adding some catchy lighting fill make your outdoor living space look attractive both during the day pr the night time.

You can find tons of beautiful lighting fixtures which are available at online and outdoor marketplaces. However, they can be quite expensive especially if you want to have the one with the sophisticated design.

Therefore, creating your own backyard lighting fixtures can be a very good alternative to consider especially if you have a limited budget. You can use cheap and easily-available materials to create a unique DIY lighting fixture to decorate your backyard.

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Below, we share some inspiring DIY backyard lighting ideas which are created by some creative DIYers. You can add them to your inspiration list when you are about to add some attractive lighting fixtures to your backyard decor.

Best DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas

DIY Backyard Lighting: Wine Bottle Torch

diy backyard lighting 1

A simple backyard lighting in which you only need to prepare some glass bottles and tiki torch as its main materials. It can be a good additional lighting source that you can place on your dining table when you have an outdoor dining time.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Rattan Ball Lights

diy backyard lighting 2

For you who love earthy decor items, this idea can be a good reference for you. It’s the rattan ball lighting with the string light as its light source. You can use as many rattan balls as you wish.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Electric Fire Pit

diy backyard lighting 3

This DIY backyard lighting ideas is a fireless fire pit in which you only need a steel bowl, wood logs, and string light. It’s a good idea to cerate a safer fire pit which is enough to make your backyard look more attractive in the night time.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Mason Jars Chandelier

diy backyard lighting 4

If you have a pergola or big tree, you can hang this gorgeous backyard lighting idea that you can make all by yourself. It’s a chandelier with string light and some mason jar as the shade. For sure, it will enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Kitchen Grater Chandelier

diy backyard lighting 5

A unique DIY backyard lighting in which you need some box graters, bulbs, and wood board. When the light is on, it will spark a catchy patterns which surely beautifies your backyard and make your dining tome feel more exhilarating.

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DIY Backyard Lighting: Plastic Basket Light

diy backyard lighting 6

Prepare some small plastic baskets and small round lights to create this stylish lighting to complete your backyard decor. You can hang them on your fences or walls which will beautifully brighten up your exterior area.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Plastic Flower Lights

diy backyard lighting 7

A beautiful DIY backyard lighting that you can easily make by using some used bottle plastics and tealight candles. You can simply place them around your backyard or float on your small pond. It will gorgeously complement your outdoor surrounding.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Colorful Tealight Lighting

diy backyard lighting 22

Decorate a big tree in your backyard with this simple and cheap backyard lighting idea that you can make easily. You just need to prepare some tea lights, glass holder, and colorful ribbons. It will spark the fabulous light during the night and make your backyard look colorful in the daylight.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Gold Twig Chandelier

diy backyard lighting 8

You can make this beautifully unique backyard lighting all by yourself by preparing a twig, gold spray paint, and string lights. It will totally glamorize the decor of your backyard once you hang it on your pergola or outdoor ceiling.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Dry Plant Glass Light

diy backyard lighting 9

A stylish DIY backyard lighting which will give a sparkling earthy touch to your outdoor lighting space. It’s made of a cylinder glass, dry plants, and string light. You can place them on the corner of your outdoor living space.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Lighten Garden Path

diy backyard lighting 10

If you have a pathway in your backyard, you can easily make it look way more adorable by installing a string light just like this idea shows. Besides its decorative purpose, the light also helps you to walk on the path more conveniently even when it’s dark.

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DIY Backyard Lighting: Sparkling Glass Bottles

diy backyard lighting 11

You just simply need to add a string light to some transparent glass bottles to create this chic outdoor light. To make it look catchier, you can roll a twig rope to the neck of the bottles. You can either hang the bottles on simply put it on the floor as you desire.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Colorful Bottles Light

diy backyard lighting 12

A very attractive DIY backyard lighting which is made of some colorful glass bottles, small candles, glass holders, and wires. The bottom of the bottle is cut to let the candle in. It’s a unique backyard lighting that you can easily and cheaply make at home.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Colorful Jars Chandelier

diy backyard lighting 13

Another inspiring mason jars chandelier which look so tempting to try, and this one looks more colorful. The blue and transparent jars are used while the candelabra lights are attached to each jar. For sure, it will be an attention grabber around your backyard decor.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Hanging Bottle Torch

diy backyard lighting 14

An elegant DIY backyard lighting that will gorgeously decorate your fence. It’s a hanging torch which is made of glass bottle, you can use the bottles in any finishes that suit your taste. It will brighten and warm up your outdoor living space in a very exhilarating way.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Earthy Rustic Lighting

diy backyard lighting 15

A unique DIY backyard lighting which is made of a galvanized iron bucket, some rocks, greeneries, and candles. It will give a distinctive rustic touch which flows beautifully with the natural outdoor surrounding around your backyard.

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DIY Backyard Lighting: Simple Jar Lighting

diy backyard lighting 16

This DIY backyard lighting is so easy to make in which you just need to prepare mason jars, tea light candles, and steel wire. You can put some jars around your backyard to make it look brightly beautiful.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Chic Lighten Trees

diy backyard lighting 17

Make the trees around your backyard look so attractive by simple wrap them by string light just like this idea shows. It will surely make your outdoor living space both look and feel so inviting even in the night time.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Decorative Cans Lighting

diy backyard lighting 18

These cute backyard lights are simply made of tin cans which will give a decorative sparkling nuance in your backyard. You can draw the pattern that you love on each can easily.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Hanging Lighten Balls

diy backyard lighting 19

You can make this kind of DIY backyard lighting by using some round aquariums and string lights. It looks beautiful whether you hang it or just put in on the floor.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Steel Frame Lighting

diy backyard lighting 20

An outstanding DIY lighting which will attractively brighten up your outdoor living space. The fixture is made of wrought iron trellis which is then decorated by string light. You can put this kind of lighting on one corner of your backyard.

DIY Backyard Lighting: Catchy Cupcake Stringlight

diy backyard lighting 21

What you need to prepare to create this backyard lighting idea is a stringlight and some cupcakes paper cups. The cups work as the shade in which you need to attach it to each bulb of the string light. It’s a very cheap project that will simply enhance the attractiveness of your backyard decor.

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Well, that is the list of awesome DIY backyard lighting ideas that we have picked just for you. They will absolutely enhance the attractiveness of your backyard decor and create a more exhilarating vibe around which make them so worth to add to your ultimate inspiration list.

Those ideas will totally help you to provide beautiful lighting sources even when you have a limited budget. Just pick the best DIY backyard lighting idea that suit your need and taste and start decorating your very own outdoor living space now!

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