Modern Vinyl Fence: 25+ Best Inspirations to Decorate Your Backyard

When you are about to complete the decor of your exterior area, a fence is absolutely one of the must-have additions to keep in mind. In fact, a backyard is not really complete without any fence installed.

Besides for the decorative purpose, a fence also works as security feature. It prevents the unwanted intruders to enter your outdoor living space, provides privacy so you can do lots of outdoor activities comfortably, and borders your home with the surrounding neighborhood.

It means that the fence should be admirable, durable, and reliable at the same time which strongly relates to the material that builds it. There are some popular materials which are used to build a fence like wood, iron, and vinyl. Each one of them has its own strength and weakness.

Vinyl is a fabricated material which becomes everyone’s favorite to be the main material of a fence. It’s more durable when it’s compared to the wood since it’s made to suit the harsh outdoor area. If wood can experience rotting, twisting, and wrapping, you will find those things in vinyl.

Moreover, you can also easily find tons of vinyl fences in various designs which will totally make your outdoor living space look way more attractive. It can suit the design of your house to create a harmoniously overall look.

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To inspire you, below we share lots of inspirations for modern vinyl fence which are so tempting to copy when you have a plan to style up your backyard decor.

Best Modern Vinyl Fence Ideas

Modern Vinyl Fence: Greyish Earthy Fence

modern vinyl fence 1

An elegant vinyl fence with greyish finish which will fit a home with modern decorating style. The vinyl is made to resemble the wood planks which are secured by black steel frame. The design is so sleek to make your backyard look gorgeous in a very simple way.

Modern Vinyl Fence: White Modern Fence

modern vinyl fence 2

The modern vinyl fence in white finish which will brighten up your exterior area in a very stylish way. It looks strikingly attractive among the green grass backyard and brown gravels.

Modern Vinyl Fence: Modern Earthy Fence

modern vinyl fence 3

A simply adorable vinyl fence which is made in sleek panel design to complement a modern home. Some tall trees are planted in front of the fence which doesn’t only enhance the attractiveness of the area but also provides much better privacy.

Modern Vinyl Fence: White Classic Fence

modern vinyl fence 4

A gorgeous white vinyl fence with vintage post caps that will decorate your backyard stylishly. The bed with some greeneries and flowers then give a catchy colorful touch to the fence overall look.

Modern Vinyl Fence: Fence with Lattice Top

modern vinyl fence 5

The fence panel with lattice top has become one of the most popular designs which will never fail to beautify your outdoor living space. It doesn’t only look so attractive but also allows you to take a peek to the surrounding.

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Modern Vinyl Fence: Lattice Vinyl Fence

modern vinyl fence 2a

For you who prefer a fence which doesn’t really block your view, the one with lattice panel can be a good option for you. However, some greeneries are planted close to the fence which kinda give a more privacy, and of course, colorize the fence in a very natural way.

Modern Vinyl Fence: Vinyl Picket Fence

modern vinyl fence 6

A catchy modern vinyl fence which is designed in picket style which looks so tempting to have. It beautifies your exterior area and provides cozy privacy at the same time.

Modern Vinyl Fence: Accent Vinyl Fence

modern vinyl fence 7

If you want to have a vinyl fence which works for decorative purpose, you can install an accent fence just like this idea shows. The fence consists of short pickets and big posts which looks so admirable.

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Just keep scrolling to find out more modern vinyl fence ideas to complete your inspiration list!

modern vinyl fence 8


modern vinyl fence 9


modern vinyl fence 10


modern vinyl fence 11


modern vinyl fence 12


modern vinyl fence 13


modern vinyl fence 14


modern vinyl fence 15

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modern vinyl fence 16


modern vinyl fence 17


modern vinyl fence 18


modern vinyl fence 19


modern vinyl fence 20


modern vinyl fence 21


modern vinyl fence 22


modern vinyl fence 23


modern vinyl fence 24


modern vinyl fence 25

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So that is the list of modern vinyl fence ideas that we have picked just for you. Choose the best one and start decorating your own backyard now!

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