Redwood Fence Ideas: 25+ Beautiful Inspirations for Your Backyard

As one of the most important parts of your exterior area, fence is always an essential addition that you have to keep in mind. It holds a basic function both to secure and decorate your home.

The main job of a fence is to provide security, privacy, and border. It can prevent intruders like wild animals or even humans from entering the certain area around your home. Then, the fence which designed with certain height with the fully-covering panel can give cozy privacy when you do outdoor activities. Moreover, it marks the area of your home and gives a certain border between your neighbors.

The various designs of fence which look so attractive then make it great to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. It will become a catchy focal point of your outdoor décor which beautifies the overall look of your home.

When it comes to the material of a fence, wood is always a good material that you can consider. It’s the popular material that will make an adorable and reliable fence. There are some kinds of wood which become everyone’s favorite to create a fence like cedar and redwood.

Redwood definitely should be on your top list when you are thinking about the wood fence. It’s a very good material both from the aesthetic and durability perspective.

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Before we talk about the plus points of redwood fence, below we share some inspiring ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference.

Best Redwood Fence Ideas

Redwood Fence Ideas: Elegant Modern Design

redwood fence ideas 1

An elegant redwood fence which fits very well for you who have amodern minimalist home. The fence consists of two panels in different design; one with vertical plank and the other with the horizontal arrangement. The panel with horizontal plank allows you to see the outdoor surrounding with its hollow line.

Redwood Fence Ideas: Decorative Horizontal Panel

redwood fence ideas 2

Here, the horizontal planks are cut to various heights which are arranged gorgeously. The design of the fence looks so decorative which will enhance the attractiveness of your exterior area. Moreover, the planter then give a more colorful touch naturally.

Redwood Fence Ideas: Steel and Greeneries Fence

redwood fence ideas 3

For you who are looking for a more durable redwood fence, this idea can be a good consideration to try. The fence combines redwood planks, steel slat and greeneries at the same time. Such combination creates a very attractive fence design in a more distinctive way.

Redwood Fence Ideas: Laser Cut Accent

redwood fence ideas 4

A mesmerizing redwood fence with the laser cut accent on its front side. The unique pattern of its ornament doesn’t only make the fence look much catchier but also give another style to its overall design. Then, the plantation in various colors complete the decor beautifully.

Redwood Fence Ideas: Concrete and Wood Fence

redwood fence ideas 5

A simply stylish redwood fence with concrete base which is so worth to add to your inspiration list. The wood panel with horizontal planks are installed on the concrete construction in natural finish, creating a unique rustic look to style up your backyard.

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Redwood Fence Ideas: Wood and Acrylic Block Accent

redwood fence ideas 6

This one is basically a redwood fence with horizontal planks which offer full privacy. Then, some acrylic blocks are attached which give a more attractive touch and allows you to take a peek to the outdoor surrounding.

Redwood Fence Ideas: Simple Classic Design

redwood fence ideas 7

For you who love simplicity, the design of this redwood fence may suit your taste. The vertical wood plank with horizontal top and the posts with classic cap are enough to make the fence looks so admirable, especially with its vibrant redwood stain. The plantations then decorate the fence area in a very attractive way.

Redwood Fence Ideas: Classic Wood Concrete Fence

redwood fence ideas 8

Another redwood fence idea which combines wood and concrete as its main material, and this one is designed in a more classic style. The redwood panel is completed with square post caps which gives a more vintage overall look. It’s a nice fence which fits both for a home with modern or classic decorating style.

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Check out other inspiring redwood fence ideas below that you will totally adore!

redwood fence ideas 9


redwood fence ideas 10


redwood fence ideas 11


redwood fence ideas 12


redwood fence ideas 13


redwood fence ideas 14

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redwood fence ideas 16


redwood fence ideas 17


redwood fence ideas 18


redwood fence ideas 19


redwood fence ideas 20


redwood fence ideas 21


redwood fence ideas 22


redwood fence ideas 23


redwood fence ideas 24


redwood fence ideas 25

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Well, those are some beautiful redwood fence ideas that we have picked just for you. They are so worth to add to your home improvement plan when you are about to build a fence in your own outdoor living space.

Choosing redwood over other kinds of wood or materials is always a good idea to keep in mind. There are some plus points that you will get by a choosing redwood fence, such as:


If you think that wood is not really durable compared to iron or vinyl, you may be right. But, when it comes to redwood you won’t have to worry since it contains a natural oil which makes it more durable. The oil can prevent the wood from rotting, wrapping, and even keep the bugs away.


The vibrant reddish hue of a redwood will never fail to make your outdoor living space look way more beautiful. It gives a catchy contrast among those green plantations or grass. Overtimes, a redwood fence will get darker which makes it look more elegant naturally.


As redwood has its natural way to keep its durability, you won’t be bothered by tricky maintenance then. Its natural oil allows you to do some easy regular maintenance to keep it look attractive.

However, the cost of redwood can be more expensive over other kinds of wood. But, with so many plus points, the price is absolutely reasonable.

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