Natural Swimming Pool: 15+ Most Beautiful Ideas to Inspire You

As the name suggests, natural swimming pool is the pool in which the all of the systems are handed by natural elements. In other words, you are not allowed to use chemical to keep the water clean and fresh or simply enjoyable.

You will deal with plants, rocks, or other natural things which are called biofilters to run a natural pool. Therefore, this kind of pool really fits for you who love an eco-friendly home addition.

Natural swimming pool becomes more and more popular due to its great benefits. With the elimination of harsh swimming pool chemicals, you will get a healthier water which will not harm your well-being.

Moreover, the decoration of natural swimming pool makes it look like a beautiful oasis in your home. It will surely enhance the beauty of your exterior.

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To inspire you, here we share some mesmerizing natural swimming pool ideas which look so tempting to steal!

Best Natural Swimming Pool Ideas

Natural Swimming Pool: Rocky Border

natural swimming pool 1

A small natural swimming pool which looks so gorgeous with its rocky border. Some sitting areas are provided around the pool which makes it even feel so inviting.

Natural Swimming Pool: Decorative Landscaping

natural swimming pool 2

This natural swimming pool is surrounded by various earthy elements like rocks, greeneries, wood, and trees. They create a beautiful natural color combination which everyone will love.

Natural Swimming Pool: Cozy Decor

natural swimming pool 3

The white pebbles and plantations are used to decorate the border of this swimming pool which looks so admirable. Then, a small patio with sitting area is built on one corner of the pool, allowing you to enjoy some cozy outdoor times.

Natural Swimming Pool: Vintage Nuance

natural swimming pool 4

A simply beautiful natural swimming with lots of aquatic plants which work both to decorate it and run its filtration. The wood plank pool diving board then gives a vintage touch to its overall look.

Natural Swimming Pool: Rock and Wood Entry

natural swimming pool 5

This natural swimming pool has a unique entry which is made of rocks and wood boards. The rocks are used to build the base while the board is used as the pathway. It makes the decor look so attractive in a more distinctive way.

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Natural Swimming Pool: Greenish Natural Decor

natural swimming pool 6

Lots of greeneries decorate this natural swimming pool area which makes it look and feel so inviting. The pool is built close to an outdoor living space to provide maximum enjoyment.

Natural Swimming Pool: Sand and Greeneries

natural swimming pool 7

A rectangular swimming pool which decorated by sand and greeneries on its surrounding. The decor makes a simple rectangular natural pool look way more attractive naturally.

Natural Swimming Pool: Big Pool Area

natural swimming pool 8

For you who have a large backyard, this natural swimming pool idea can be a good inspiration to steal. The pool is built in a quite big size with which is surround by aquatic plants on a brown sand base.

Natural Swimming Pool: Small Round Pool

natural swimming pool 9

If you prefer a small pool for private relaxation than the big one, then this natural swimming idea is a good reference for you. It’s a small natural swimming pool in circular design. The greeneries and trees around the pool beautify the decor and provide better privacy.

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Natural Swimming Pool: Tropical Decor

natural swimming pool 10

This natural swimming pool is built in long narrow design which looks so stylish. Lots of huge rocks and tropical plantations decorate its two sides, giving a very exhilarating vibe around.

Natural Swimming Pool: Unique Construction

natural swimming pool 11

The design of this natural swimming pool look so mesmerizing . The smaller pool construction is built inside the bigger pool and drowned. Lots of natural plantations then decorate the pool area beautifully.

Natural Swimming Pool: Modern Landscaping

The decor of this natural swimming pool looks so modern with the white concrete benches on its one corner. It also has a minimalist landscaping which makes it fit well for you who love simplicity.

Natural Swimming Pool: Decoratively Cozy

natural swimming pool 12

Here, not only earthy elements which decorate the pool’s area, but some pieces of art also complement the decor gorgeously. The deck then built on one side of the pool to add a more enjoyable area for everyone.

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Natural Swimming Pool: Rocky Pathway

natural swimming pool 13

A pathway made of flagstones and gravels is built inside this natural swimming pool and makes it look so adorable. A small waterfall then adds a more attractive touch and aerates the pool.

Natural Swimming Pool: River-like Design

A stunning natural swimming pool which resembles the landscape of a real river. Huge rocks, trees, greeneries, and flowers decorate the pool area in a very mesmerizing way.

Natural Swimming Pool: Tropical Jungle Nuance

natural swimming pool 14

Big trees and plantations which surround this natural swimming pool creates an exhilarating jungle atmosphere. The pool is actually made in simple designed but its decor makes it look so awesome

Natural Swimming Pool: Green Wall

natural swimming pool 15

One side of the walls in this natural swimming pool area is decorated with various kinds of plantations which gives a very fascinating overall look. The wall stunningly complements the design of the pool which actually looks quite simple wits its long-narrow style.

Natural Swimming Pool: Modern Lap Pool

This natural swimming pool is designed for you who love aquatic exercise. It’s designed in a long-narrow shape which provides an adequate area for you to swim back-to-back.  The decor looks more simple which fits perfectly for a minimalist home.

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Well, those are some amazing natural swimming pool ideas that you can use as a reference for you who want to build one in your outdoor living space!

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