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Wood Fence Designs

The fence is an important part of our home that most people ignore. Not to mention its crucial function for security reason, fence also separates our home with the outside world. So, you should decorate your fence and make sure it looks nice and pretty. Then, if you want an easy and effective way to create a pretty fence, you can create a wood fence and create an engaging look for your home. Here we have 7 wood fence ideas for your references and ideas.

Yellow Wood Fence

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There is no better way to beautify your exterior design than decorating your fence. A heart-stopping fence can be a great accent in your home and make the overall home design looks so attractive.
Just like the fence design above. It is so simple yet so gorgeous. Surely it will attract everyone attention towards it. If you planned to create a wooden fence, you can make it as your reference.

Privacy Wood Fence

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Most people think a wooden fence will make your home looks cheap and less-attractive. This amazing fence design proves it wrong. As you can see it looks so elegant and classy. Made of cedar wood guarantee you a solid material which last long. The best part about this fence is the simplicity of its design. I love it!

Garden Wood Fence

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For you who love plants and flower, you must be familiar with wood fence. Right? As you can see, the fence makes this awesome garden looks prettier. It can be a nice accent and solidify the natural feeling in your garden. Moreover, it is much cheaper and you can make it yourself. Depends on the design (and your skill), it can be a fun DIY project at the weekend.

Landscape Wood Fence

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In term of decoration, you can also make your fence looks awesome by decorating it. A pretty fence will boost your decoration to the next level and without no doubt will create an engaging feeling in your home.

Just like this awesome wood fence. It blends nicely with the small garden as a land space and beautifies this mini garden even further. So, if you planned to create an awesome fence, you can consider this awesome design as your reference.

Vinyl Wood Fence Design

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The next fence ideas is a perfect example for decorating your exterior. I love the simple yet elegant design that makes it looks pretty. Made of vinyl wood ensure a gorgeous design and surely you can proud of it.

Wood Fence Gate

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For the last design, let me show you an awesome wood fence gate that looks so charming and inviting. I love Its attractive design, surely it will add natural and fresh atmosphere in my exterior design. Moreover, it can be a perfect landscape, so you can easily build decoration around it.


Wood fence and gate is so important to ensure your home looks great from the outside. It will add a natural feeling to your exterior and surely can attract everyone attention.

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