Beach Entry Pool: 15+ Beautiful Ideas to Style Up Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools with beach entry design have become more and more popular today. It makes a pool look way more attractive with its unique style.

As the name suggests, the beach entry pool will make your pool look like a small beach in your outdoor living space. The slope is commonly decorated with sand, rocks, gravel or other earthy elements to resemble the real beach environment.

Not only for the decorative purpose, but the beach entry design also provides a more convenient accent to your swimming pool. Instead of using steps, the entry is designed in slope style which makes it easier to dive into the water.

Of course, the beach entry pool is a great option that you can keep in mind to make your pool look more attractive and feel more convenience. It offers both decorative and functional benefit which makes it so tempting to have.

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For your inspiration,  we share you lots of mesmerizing beach entry pool ideas that you can add to your inspiration list when you have a plan to decorate your very own swimming pool.

Best Beach Entry Pool Ideas

Beach Entry Pool: Long Narrow Pool Design

beach entry pool 1

Though the pool is designed in small size, its beach entry style makes it look so beautiful. The flooring of the patio in beige finish which gradually enters the pool resemble the color of the beach sand very well. A small additional sitting area with fountains add a more attractive touch and cozy nuance perfectly.

Beach Entry Pool: Circular Entry Design

beach entry pool 2

A gorgeous modern pond with beach entry design in circular shape. The color gradation from the entry to the pool looks so admirable with the fresh beach vibe. Two big fountains become another focal point of the pool decor which garbs lots of attention.

Beach Entry Pool: Natural Decorating Style

beach entry pool 3

This pool really looks like an actual beach with its natural decoration. Here, the real sand is used as the base of the pool area while rocks and trees decorate it beautifully.

Beach Entry Pool: Small Rustic Pool

beach entry pool 4

For you who don’t have a huge backyard, this idea can be a good reference. The pool size is quite small but still looks gorgeous with its rustic overall look. The beach entry makes the pool look and feel more inviting to enjoy.

Beach Entry Pool: Natural Green Decor

beach entry pool 5

This swimming pool with beach entry is surrounded by tons of various kinds of greeneries which creates a fascinating natural overall look. They also make the pool area feel more refreshing when you swim around.

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Beach Entry Pool: Brightly Beautiful Nuance

beach entry pool 6

The white pool liner and gravel in this idea creates a stunningly bright overall look in a very modern way. Some small trees then decorate the pool’s surrounding which gives another color touch naturally. It’s a perfect swimming pool with beach entry design for you who love simplicity.

Beach Entry Pool: Natural Rocky Pool

beach entry pool 7

A beautiful swimming pool with beach entry which looks natural with its rocky surrounding. A big waterfall with rocky construction as the focal point flows beautifully with the pool’s overall look.

Beach Entry Pool: Modern Rustic Pool

beach entry pool 8

Another swimming pool with beach entry design which is designed in rustic style. and this one has a big entry with the sand-like base. The block flooring in natural stone finish around the pool is the key which creates a rustic overall look.

Beach Entry Pool: Chic Natural Decor

beach entry pool 9

A small swimming pool with beach entry which is decorated by natural elements like rocks and trees. The decor looks so chic with an exhilarating earthy vibe.

Beach Entry Pool: Pool with Deck Surrounding

beach entry pool 10>

This stunning swimming pool with beach entry is surrounded by the wood deck in fascinating design. Besides enhancing the beauty of the pond’s decor, the deck also provides spacious comfortable area to use by everyone. Some huge rocks and trees then style up the pond’s surrounding gorgeously.

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Beach Entry Pool: Minimalist Modern Design

beach entry pool 11

A stylish swimming pool in rectangular design which is completed by the beach entry. The base of the entry is made of the same flooring as the swimming pool’s base which looks so catchy. The deck then frames the pool which brings the style of its decor to a whole new level.

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Beach Entry Pool: Simple Minimalist Design

beach entry pool 12

A swimming pool with a simple decoration which is enough to make your outdoor living space look way more beautiful. The pool is only decorated by some rocks and a small palm tree which add a gorgeous tropical touch around.

Beach Entry Pool: Beautiful Spacious Pool

beach entry pool 13

A fascinating swimming pool with beach entry for you who have a huge outdoor living space. The pool looks simply mesmerizing with some small areas which are used to plant some trees. greeneries, and rocks with soil base.

Beach Entry Pool: Rock and Wood Decor

beach entry pool 14

The pool is built close to the deck with natural finish which looks so fabulous. Its beach entry is made of rocks which complement its rocky liner. Some greeneries beautify the decor naturally which gives a more joyful atmosphere around.

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Well, those are some amazing beach entry pool ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference. They are absolutely tempting to copy when you area about to enhance the beauty and comfort of your swimming pool area.

Choosing a beach entry pool instead of the traditional step design is absolutely a much better idea. It makes your pool look more attractive with its beach-like overall look and feel more comfortable with its sloped entry design.


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