Aesthetic Shoe Storage Solutions That You Need to Have

A pile of shoes can turn your home into a complete mess in an instant. It’s totally unpleasant to have them scattered all around the floor.

Below, we share with you some must-have shoe storage solutions that you can try right away!

Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoe Storage Solutions
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Use a storage bench

A bench that comes with a built-in storage station is one of the most popular options to store your stuff neatly. You can find a bench with a hidden cabinet or open shelf underneath the seating.

To match the decorating style of your home there are tons of options available in the market which are made of various materials and designed in various styles. They are good to decorate your bedroom, mudroom, and entryway.

Use stackable organizers

This type of storage is a nice solution for you who have a large shoe collection or a big family at home. As the name suggests, you can stack the organizer with other units to enhance the space.

Stackable organizers provide convenient storage to store heels, sneakers, loafers, and other small shoes. The most famous option is made of manufactured wood which is known for its durability yet offered at lower price tags.

Use shoe boxes

If you love to store your shoes in your closet, consider using shoe boxes to make them neatly organized. Each box is designed to keep a pair of shoes and you can stack them easily which prevents clutter all around the closet very well. Choose the boxes which are made of sturdy paperboard with a drop-front door since they are durable enough and protect your shoes from dust.

Use a floating shoe cabinet

When you have limited space around your house, utilizing the space of the wall is always a great solution. A floating shoe cabinet offers an ample storage station to neatly keep your shoes without taking up the space on the flooring.

The best option is the cabinet which comes with five shelves that can fit up to ten pairs. Some of the doors of the cabinet even come with a full-length mirror so you can have multipurpose furniture at once.

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Use an under-bed organizer

Prefer to store your shoes hidden somewhere? Choose the under-bed organizer to handle them. You can place this type of organizer under your bed conveniently so the shoes are free from everyone’s sight.

The popular under-bed organizer is made of solid wood which also comes with wheels. It’s a very good option that offers great durability and convenience for everyone.

Use a classic shoe rack

When it comes to storing shoes, we can’t really skip including the one and only shoe rack at the top of the list. Keep in mind to choose a shoe rack that is designed stylishly so it can give an aesthetic touch to the decor of the room. Also, make sure to always neatly organize the shoes so they won’t create any mess.

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