How to Store Throw Blankets to Avoid Clutter Around

Throw blanket is definitely a good addition to every living room. Taking a cozy nap on your sofa covered by a throw blanket definitely feels so cozy. In addition, they also come in catchy colors and patterns which will enhance the beauty of your house in an instant.

How to Store Throw Blankets
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However, storing throw blankets can be quite difficult and you may turn your living room into a mess if you can’t get the job done properly. Throwing the blankets here and there is totally not the right thing to do.

Below, we have compiled the right ways on how to store throw blankets that you can really try!

How to Store Throw Blankets

Use store baskets

Almost in every modern home, you will find some baskets made of rattan in its living room. It’s because the baskets work really well to store some easy linens including throw blankets. Those rattan baskets are good to keep your throw blankets neatly and add more color, texture, and pattern all at once.

Use some hooks

When you really lack of space (even to put some baskets around), you can turn those throw blankets into unique decor items. Just simply use some hooks and hang your blankets around to give a more distinctive attractive touch to the overall look of your living room.

Use storage bench

Purchase a storage bench that comes with hidden storage underneath which can be a good storage station without taking up extra space around the house. Of course, you will get both a seating area and storage space to keep your throw blankets neatly.

Use open shelves

If you still have some empty space on your shelves, use them to display your blankets. You can roll or fold your blankets and stack them nicely. They will pop up some color in your living room decor uniquely. One thing to keep in mind is that you should ensure that everything is neatly organized when it comes to open storage.

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Use a stool

For those who are not willing enough to set up any storage stations, you can simply use a stool to stack some of your throw blankets. This method allows you to just leave the blankets after every use without cluttering your living room. Make sure that the stool is sturdy enough to keep the throw blankets safely.

Use a decorative ladder

Using a decorative ladder to store your throw blankets will give a unique touch to the overall look of your living room. You can simply hang the blankets on a ladder and you can instantly have a unique storage station in an instant.

Use your furniture

Another effortless method to store throw blankets is to just use the pieces of furniture around your living room but do this carefully. Toss the blankets over the armchairs or drape them on the back of your sofa. This is a simple way to store your throw blankets by incorporating them into the decor of the room.

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