How to Store Grapes for Long Time Properly

Grapes are yummy, no matter how you eat them. They make nice juicy snacks and add a nice flavor to your desserts. Therefore, it’s always nothing wrong to keep some grapes in stock.

How to Store Grapes
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Of course, besides their tasty flavor, you can also get a lot of benefits from grapes starting from beautifying your skin and maintaining your heart. Some experts even recommend you eat around 3 to 5 grapes a day.

However, some of you may not really know how to store the grapes so you can enjoy them for a long time. There’s no need to worry to keep them for several weeks once you know the proper way to store grapes.

Below, we have compiled some steps on How to Store Grapes that you can use as a reference.

How to Store Grapes

The way you store your grapes determines how long they will last. If you store them properly, they can last up to three weeks with their own juiciness and freshness. You will lose those nice things if you don’t store them properly.

Don’t wash them

Most of you may always get tempted to wash those grapes that you just bought from the stores before storing them in the fridge. This, of course, will make your grapes wet which excess the moisture which then leads to decay and rot quicker.

If you are planning to store the grapes for a long time, don’t wash them and store them in dry condition. Rinse the grapes when you are about the eat them in the cool and running water.

Store them in the grape

Of course, there is no better place than your beloved fridge when it comes to storing juicy grapes. The colder your fridge is, the better environment for those grapes. You can place them in the back of the crisper drawer which is usually the coldest spot inside the fridge (around 30 up to 32 degrees F).

Avoid placing grapes close to the smelly foods like onions since grapes can absorb the smell very well. You don’t want to taste your grapes with the smell of onion.

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Don’t seal them

Don’t store your grapes in a tightly covered container or a zip-top bag since it will create trapped humidity. As mentioned above, high moisture levels can speed up the decaying process so don’t seal the container where you store your grapes.

Let those grapes breathe properly by simply storing them in an open bowl, so you don’t actually need a special container at all. A ventilated plastic bag or box will also do them good.

Frozen grapes

There’s actually nothing wrong with freezing your grapes since they are great to complete your smoothies, ice cream, and cocktails. You can also enjoy frozen grapes as your healthy afternoon snack.

However, if you plan to freeze those grapes, keep in mind to use them as soon as possible before they start looking and tasting bad.


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