How to Choose Hand Mixer | Kitchen Buying Guide

A hand mixer is definitely a must-have appliance for you who love baking. As the name implies, it’s a handy appliance that will make your baking time feel way more fun.

How to Choose Hand Mixer
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Just like looking for other kitchen appliances, you might want to consider some points to get the best hand mixer. The performance, build quality, and cost are some main points to keep in mind.

Check out some steps below on How to Choose Hand Mixer for your ultimate reference.

How to Choose Hand Mixer

Learn the weight

Compactness is one of the most important points to consider when you are planning on buying a hand mixer. However, compactness doesn’t always relate to the weight which is often missed to see by lots of homeowners.

You don’t want to feel tired when you mix those ingredients, but you can’t also have the one which is too lightweight since it would feel wobbly. Therefore, always look for the one which feels nice when you hold. If you are looking for the one directly in store it would be easier to determine.

Learn the functions

There are two main functions of a hand mixer that you need to keep in mind which include:

Mixing speed

In general, you will find three speed modes which are three, five, and ten speeds that you can choose to mix particular ingredients. For instance, the slowest speed mode is good to deal with dry ingredients to prevent splatters. If you love to make high-level cuisines like blending thick dough, you might need to buy a hand mixer with 220 watts of power (rather than the common one which usually comes with 150 watts of power).

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Mixing attachments

A hand mixer that comes with a variety of attachments allows you to process ingredients in various methods. You can find the one which comes with a dough hook, spatula, and whisk. Choosing hand mixer attachments that also have a silicone coating is also a nice idea to protect your mixing bowl from scratches.

Learn some special features

To provide you with more convenience, you can also check some special features that a hand mixer may be equipped with, such as:

  • Handle – An ergonomic handle is essential to ensure that you can process any ingredients safely. You don’t want to have a hand mixer that feels slippery when you hold it.
  • Quietness – Well, as you may have been aware, a hand mixer can be so noisy which annoys everyone in your home when you use it. Look for a hand mixer that is designed to create a smooth sound, so you can use it comfortably anytime.
  • Space saver – If you have limited space in your kitchen, you can find a hand mixer that can fit very well. It commonly comes with small dimensions, retractable cords, and a specific storage case.

Learn your budget

A hand mixer can cost from $20 up to $100. The price depends on the build quality, performance, and special features. You also want to consider the warranty of the hand mixer.

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