Entryway Rug Buying Guide | How to Choose the Right Rug

A rug is a must-have item to decorate your entryway. Its main job is to minimize the dirt, dust, mud, and other dirty stuff to enter your house.

Entryway Rug Buying Guide
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Some of you may just go buy an entryway rug like there’s nothing special about it when actually, considering some thoughts before purchasing one is not a bad idea. You will find tons of options in the market, and you may end up getting the one that is not right for you.

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In this article, we share with you a quick Entryway Rug Buying Guide that you can use as a reference to get the best one.

Entryway Rug Buying Guide

Choose the right size

The first thing that you have to ensure is that everything is in the right proportion. The size of the rug and the size of the entryway should be balanced. For instance, a small rug in size 2 x 3 feet will not fit properly for a big entryway, and a huge rug in size 5 x 7 feet won’t properly compliment a small entryway.

No worries, there are tons of sizing options that you can find in the market. What you just need to learn is the proper scale between the rug and the entryway.

Choose the right thickness

In general, the thicker the rug is, the more comfortable it can be. You can feel the soft fluffy touch as you step on a thick rug.

However, you should see whether the thickness of the rug properly fits the design of your entryway or not. You can try opening and closing your door a few times to see the space between the lower part of the door and the entryway floor. You can refer to this measurement to find the right thickness that suits you best.

Choose the suitable maintenance

The material and color of the entryway rug are the main points that will determine what kind of maintenance you need to do. For instance, an all-white rug made of cotton may look gorgeous but you need to clean it more frequently to keep it clean and cozy.

You should consider the stains which are mostly found around your area, whether it’s dirt, mud, snow, or water. An entryway made of synthetic material is considered an option that is easier to maintain.

Choose the right style

Keep in mind that even an entryway rug is also part of your decor which means that you need to choose the one which looks attractive. You can choose a rug with a plain or patterned look.

It’s always a safe idea to choose a rug design that flows beautifully with the decorating style of your home. For instance, a plain rug in a neutral tone is gorgeous to compliment a home with a minimalist decorating style.

However, some homeowners prefer to choose a patterned rug to decorate their entryways since it can hide stains longer than the plain one.

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