How to Clean Pet Mess on Bed Linens in No Time

One of the most common problems that every pet owner may experience is the mess. When they just start to learn to poo and pee properly, the trial period may involve staining your bed linens.

How to Clean Pet Mess on Bed Linens
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Of course, you definitely clean the mess as soon as possible before things get worse and handling this problem needs specific treatment so you can get it done properly. No worries, you don’t need to apply any complicated methods to execute the job.

Check out our easy guide on How to Clean Pet Mess on Bed Linens that you can use as a reference below.

How to Clean Pet Mess on Bed Linens

Cleaning Pet Urine

Prepare these supplies:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Heavy-duty detergent

Follow these steps:

  • Firstly, flush the stained linens with cold water under the faucet. Let the water wash the urine out of the linen as much as you can, don’t be afraid to use the full force of the stream.
  • Toss the linens into your washing machine. It’s highly recommended to use the hottest water temperature possible and heavy-duty detergent. However, always refer to the label of your linens to check the proper maintenance since a particular fabric may require specific care. Some homeowners recommend Persil or Tide which works really great to handle the issue. To remove the odor of the urine or vomit, you can add a cup of distilled vinegar.
  • For a more difficult stain and odor, soak the linens in the mixture of vinegar and water. Mix a gallon of cool water and two cup of distilled vinegar, then submerge the linens in the mixture overnight.
  • Air-dry the fabric completely. This is a good way to also remove the odor.

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Cleaning Pet Feces and Vomit

Prepare these supplies:

  • Old knife or spatula
  • Oxygen-based bleach
  • Heavy-duty detergent

Follow these steps:

  • Keep in mind that pet feces and vomit needs to be removed as soon as possible. Start by removing the solid matter by using the old knife and spatule as much as possible. Do not use old rag to remove any solid matter since it can worsen the problem, you may spread the stains around the linen. For solid matter which is quite difficult to remove, you can scrape them off.
  • Wash the stains of the linens under the strong streaming water. Always use cold water since the streaming hot water can set the stains in the fiber of the fabric and makes it harder to clean.
  • To further remove the stains, submegre the lines in the mixture of oxygen-based bleach and cool water. Make sure that the fabric is completely submerged for, at least, four hours.
  • Wash the fabric with most suitable high temperature for the fabric. Just like treating the urine stains, you also need to use heavy-duty detergent. If the stains remains there after one wash, repeat the steps above before placing the fabric in a hot dryer.

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