How to Organize Your Messy Dressers from the Start

Dresser is one of the most favorite storage stations that really helps to keep your bedroom neat and tidy. However, organizing your items in your dresser can be quite challenging, especially when you have too many items stuffed inside.

How to Organize Your Messy Dressers
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For you who get stressed up looking at your own dresser now, check out the quick guide on how to organize your messy dressers below. There’s no need to hire a pro to get the job done.

How to Organize Your Messy Dressers

Set a goal

Before you start taking out or adding in any stuff, let’s think about how you want your dresser organization would be. Determine whether you would like to throw away unused items, get better visibility and access, or put your daily items on the front line.

Empty your dresser

Remove everything from your dresser until it gets empty completely. Spread the items on the floor so you can easily check the items that you would keep around or give away. If the dresser is dirty, take a moment to quickly wipe down the interior.

Keep what you need

Now you have your items on the floor which makes it easier for you to decide what to keep, recycle, move to other storage stations, donate, or throw away. Avoid keeping things that you don’t actually use to keep the space convenient.

Categorize by your needs

One common mistake that a lot of homeowners do is not storing their daily items in an easy-to-reach space. To get the job done, refer to your very own go-to items which can be different from one person to another. For instance, underwear and socks are commonly the items that you put on every morning, so you can put them side by side.

Configure the other items

Now, you have your daily items neatly organized and easy to reach. The next thing to do is to figure out where to store the other items.

You might need to experiment with different layouts until you get all of the items to fit conveniently inside the dresser. The rule of thumb is that your life should be easier with the new organization of your dresser.

Divide the drawers

You can’t really have well-organized drawers without adding some dividers. They work really great to keep the storage tidy and make it more spacious.

You can find drawer dividers that are made of various materials and designed in different styles. Once you have them installed in your drawers, you can easily categorize your favorite items.

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Let it breathe

A dresser that is too stuffy doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing at all, so you have to give some space between each pile, item, or category. This will create a spacious impression which gives nice visibility and convenient access.

Label your storage

Once you have neatly organized your dresser, consider labeling each zone inside. The labels allow you to keep track of where your items belong.

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