How to Clean LED TV Properly without Damaging It

It’s finally the time when you need to clean your beloved LED TV as the dust and dirt build up badly on its surface and you can’t watch your programs comfortably anymore. You surely need to remove them as soon as possible.

How to Clean LED TV
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Some of you may think that cleaning the TV all by yourself can be quite risky since you may damage it. To help you out, we have compiled some steps on How to Clean LED TV that you can follow easily.

How to Clean LED TV

Turn everything off – Before you start cleaning, make sure that you have turned the TV off. Never clean the TV while it’s still on still you might mess with the pixels. When TV is turned off, you can also easily inspect the dust. dirt, and grime on its flat-screen better.

Wipe the screen gently – Use the microfiber cloth to wipe the screen, make sure that the cloth is soft enough so you won’t scratch its surface. Wipe the screen from the top to bottom direction in a circular motion.

Keep in mind to not press the microfiber too hard since it won’t clean the dirt and dust. A gentle wipe will remove them better. Also, never use paper towels or toilet paper since they can scratch the screen and leave lint around.

If with this step alone your LED already looks shiny, you don’t have to continue to the next step.

Use cleaning solution – If you still see some stains on the screen after dry-wiping the screen with a microfiber cloth, you need to use a cleaning solution. Prepare another clean microfiber cloth and lightly spray the cleaning solution on it. Wipe the screen from top to bottom in a circular motion gently.

You might want to gently press those spots which are quite difficult to clean. Rub the difficult spots until you can remove them from the screen. Repeat the steps until the TV is perfectly clean.

(Note: Never use a cleaning solution that contains ethyl alcohol, ethyl chloride, ammonia, and chloride. Those are the chemicals that may damage your LED TV, especially if you use them frequently.)

Dry it up – Prepare another clean microfiber cloth to dry up the screen. You have to do this as soon as possible since the cleaning solution may leave streaks on your screen’s surface. It will surely make it look way dirtier.

Check the frame – Once the screen looks good, you can move to the frame. Just like cleaning the screen, you can first clean the frame by using a dry microfiber cloth if there’s only some easy dirt and dust. Wipe the frame with a damp microfiber cloth to remove difficult spots and dry it up with another microfiber cloth.

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Cleaning your LED TV is definitely necessary maintenance that you need to do on a regular basis. It would keep your TV looking good and you can watch your favorite programs much better. You can consider cleaning the tv at least once a week.

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