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A dining rug works both to cover the floor and add more aesthetic touch to the decor. Therefore, it’s always an essential addition that will both enhance the comfort and beauty of the room.

A dining rug can be a huge investment, especially if you are looking for the one which is made of expensive materials. Below, we share some steps that you can consider on our guide on how to choose dining rug.

How to Choose Dining Rug

How to Choose Dining Rug
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Choose the right size

Just like choosing any rugs for other rooms inside your house, size should always be the main consideration to keep in mind. Here’s what you can consider in choosing the right dining room rug:

  • Refer to the dining set – The rule of thumb is that you should choose a rug that is larger than the scale of the entire dining set. It’s meant to provide the leg of the dining chairs when they are pulled away from the table.
  • Refer to the room – You can cover the entire flooring of your dining room with the carpet. If you don’t, make sure that you have a balanced uncovered space on each side of the room.
  • Don’t forget the leaves – If you have a dining table that comes with leaves, don’t forget to refer to its extended size.

Choose the right material

Compared to other rugs that you use in your living room and bedroom, the one that you place in your dining area should be more durable. They should be able to handle the chairs which can be pulled out and pulled in frequently, the food spills, and other unwanted accidents.

Here’s what you can consider:

  • Durability is a must – It’s essential to get a dining rug that you can clean easily since there will be a lot of foot traffic, furniture movement, and food spills around.
  • Natural is not wrong – There’s nothing wrong with choosing natural dining rug, and wool is the best option but can be quite pricey. However, the human-made fibers are always an easy-to-clean material.
  • Versatile option – This may sound odd but choosing a rug that can work for indoor and outdoor area is a good consideration.

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Choose the right shape

Of course, a rug is one of the main focal points of your dining room which catches the main attention. The shape of the rug is the first point of the design that you should consider.

Up until today, the most popular option is still a rectangular rug since it can fit a lot of decorating styles. There’s nothing wrong to go with more unique shapes and the safest way is to match the style of the rug with the style of the table to create a harmonious overall look.

Choose the right look

Once you have chosen the shape of your dining rug, the next step is to pick the right color and pattern. In general, you can find a plain-colored and patterned dining rug. The choice depends on your personal taste and existing decorating style of the room.

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