Easy, Moist and Dense White Cake Recipe

Many people asks what is the difference of white cake and the yellow cake.

Or they’re gonna be like “is there any difference between the white cake and yellow cake?” Not that I’ve run the research or anything, but I would guess that this question is the one of the more frequently asked by bakers and especially home cooks. And while I love baking from scratch and don’t use them, I have often wondered this myself. What is the difference between both of the cakes? And I decide to find out the answer.

Well, not sound too obvious, but first there’s the color of the cake which it of course shows the answer. White cake is really white and the yellow cake does have a yellowish hue. Maybe the name comes out from their colors. Then a new question cross in my mind, what makes the yellow cake become yellow. The answer is eggs. In white cake, it contains egg white only and removes the yellow, and in the yellow cake they use a whole of eggs.

When you’re going to make white cake, all you need to do is prepare the ingredients such as flour, baking powder, salt, utter, sugar and milk. But firstly, you need to sift the dry ingredients for about 3 times, this step is to make sure that you get the light and fluffy texture of your cake. Once you’ve done with those steps you need to bake it and you can decorate it with white icing just to make your cake look prettier.

Ingredients of How to Make White Cake:

  • 1 1/2 cups white sugar
  • 4 tsp baking powder
  • 4 egg whites
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup butter
  • 2 3/4 cups sifted cake flour
  • 1 tsp almond extract
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Instructions of How to Make White Cake:

  1. First of all you can start the step by preheating your oven to 350 degrees F and press the “start” button on your oven. Then, line the bottom of 2×9″ pans with parchment paper or wax paper if you’re going to make a layer cake then prepare two of baking pans or if you want to make a singular cake prepare the bigger size of your baking pan. To line the round pan with the paper, you could draw the circle using your pencil. Once it’s done, fold it in half and cut out the semi circle using the scissor. Before put the paper on the bottom of the pans, spray the pans using non-stick cooking spray, add the parchment around and then spray the top of the paper.
  2. Once you’ve done, sift the dry ingredients such as flour, baking powder and salt. Mix it 3 times until you get the soft and good combination of this ingredients, it’s to make sure that you get a light and fluffy texture of your cake.
  3. In another bowl, separate the egg white and the egg yolk, we’re not gonna use the egg yolk. This is what make the white cake is different from any other cake. Beat the egg white until they’re foamy, then add the sugar gradually and continue beat it only until the egg hold soft peaks.
  4. In a bowl of stand mixer or in your electric mixer, cream together the butter and sugar and mix it together until the mixture is light and fluffy. Add the sifted ingredients and milk, small mount at a time and beating it after each addition to the batter until its smooth. And don’t forget to add the vanilla extract and almond extract and again beat it until the batter is combined well.
  5. Add the beat egg white and fold tem gently to the batter until they’re completely combined.
  6. Pour the batter into the sprayed pans and bake it to the oven for about 30- 35 minutes or until the cake is cooked well, you can test it whether your cake is cooked by inserting toothpick and it comes out clean.
  7. Once your cake is cooked, remove it from the oven and cool it for about ten minutes on the wire rack.
  8. Now, you can decorate your cake as you want. You can add the white cream all over the top and sides of the cake to make the cake look even prettier.

And now your white cake is ready to be served, whether you want to enjoy it with your family or friends just feel free to do whatever you want. You can also make this cake as your brother or sister’s birthday cake.

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