Earthy Bathroom Decor Ideas: 25+ Best Inspirations That You’ll Love

Bringing the beauty of mother earth to your bathroom decor and design ideas is totally a very great idea when you have a plan to do some improvement to your beloved home. It doesn’t only create a very mesmerizing look but also gives a very cozy vibe.

When it comes to earthy décor, you will deal with wood, plants, rocks, and some natural color to style up your bathroom. Here, we have some amazing inspirations of earthy bathroom ideas that you can add to your inspiration list right away.

Best Earthy Bathroom Ideas

Stone Palette

earthy bathroom 1
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All sides of the wall in this beautiful bathroom are colorized with stone finish which creates a very awesome natural atmosphere. The décor items, accessories, and fixtures complement the décor very well.

Freshly Bright

earthy bathroom 2

White works as the background color of this earthy bathroom while the wood tone beautifies it gorgeously. Such combination gives a very fresh vibe to the nuance of the bathroom which makes it feel so inviting.

Woody Decor

earthy bathroom 3

The huge wood vanity and wardrobe and the bamboo shower area add a beautiful earthy to this all-white bathroom. Some vintage accessories then give another style to its decor.

Rustic and Earthy

earthy bathroom 4

The combination of exposed brick wall and concrete flooring in this earthy bathroom create a gorgeous rustic overall look. Then, some indoor plants and wood vanity emphasize the earthy style of the room.

Mini Garden

earthy bathroom 5

This one is basically a white and gray bathroom with some indoor plants decorate it. It looks distinctively modern with a very exhilarating vibe.

Decoratively Classic

earthy bathroom 6

Some earthy tones from wood and jute element give a brightly mesmerizing color touch to this bathroom with a neutral background color. The vanity and bathtub in classic design add another style in a classic way.

Chic Decor

earthy bathroom 7

This earthy bathroom looks so ‘full’ with its catchy mixture of texture and pattern. The 3D subway tile and wood finish dominate the room’s decor which creates a distinctively chic overall look.

Elegantly Earthy

earthy bathroom 8

A small bathroom with a very elegant decor which combines modern and earthy style at once. The atmosphere inside the room feels really warm which come out of its wood and neutral shade mixture.

Rocky Modern

earthy bathroom 9

One side of the wall of this stunning modern is decorated with rocky tile which gives a unique earthy touch to its decor. The wall in grey and stone finish create a nicely harmonious overall look in a very mesmerizing way.

Neutral Chic

earthy bathroom 10

The textured grey stone finish becomes the main color of this bedroom which creates a unique neutral nuance. All the bathroom fixtures and furniture then come in modern design which styles up the room awesomely.

Minimalist Style

earthy bathroom 11

Wood tones beautify this minimalist bathroom with grey and white combination. The decor is designed in a very simple way but still looks so attractive with its modern style.

Spa-Style Decor

earthy bathroom 12

The focus of this earthy bathroom is around the shower area which is decorated with L-shape wood flooring and wall. It makes the room feels like a cozy spa that you will totally love to enjoy.

Wood and Rocks

earthy bathroom 13

A beautiful modern bathroom with a wood accent wall and rocky accent flooring which is so inspiring to copy. Those elements become the main focal point which grabs most of the attention.

Sophisticated Decor

earthy bathroom 14

Wood and stone finish are combined in this earthy bathroom which makes feel warmly comforting. Then, some hidden LED lights give a more sophisticated look attractively.

Industrial Style

earthy bathroom 15

An exposed brick wall and those lighting fixtures give a little bit of industrial touch to this earthy bathroom. White handles the rest of the room which works to balance and brighten it up very well.

Greeneries All Around

earthy bathroom 16

Lots of greeneries decorate this all-white bathroom which makes it look more colorful and attractive in a very natural way. Of course, they make the atmosphere of the room feel so fresh.

Green Wall

earthy bathroom 17

A fabulous earthy bathroom with the accent wall made of greeneries. The wall definitely brings the style of the room to a whole new level.

Natural Display

earthy bathroom 18

In this idea, the floating wood shelves with tons of greeneries become the main focal point which gives a simple natural vibe. The wall is also covered with marble tile which enhances the earthiness of the room glamorously.

Transparent Bathroom

earthy bathroom 19

The stunning clear glass wall surrounds this earthy bathroom which allows the full-seeing to the natural surrounding. You will feel a very unforgettable experience every time you enjoy this kind of bathroom.

Sunroom Design

earthy bathroom 20

The design of this earthy bathroom is very similar to a sunroom which makes it look so distinctive. Such construction is chosen to let the sunlight in and keep the trees inside alive. It’s totally a unique earthy bathroom which offers a jungle-like vibe around.

Tropical Nuance

earthy bathroom 24

Here, the gorgeous wallpaper with a tropical picture gives a stylish earthy vibe. Then, the rustic vintage vanity creates a more natural nuance in another style for the decor.

Beauty of Marble

earthy bathroom 21

A bathtub and accent wall in marble brown finish become the main focal point which brings a distinctive earthy touch to this bathroom. Grey handles the rest of the wall and ceiling which let the color pops up attractively.

Brown and Green

earthy bathroom 22

Brown and green are obviously the shades which will give an earthy overall look to your bathroom decor. Here, the wall is painted in sage green while the brown tiles in diamond pattern cover the whole area. The combination creates a beautiful natural look that you can easily try.

Deep Green

earthy bathroom 23

The wall in the corner section in this earthy bathroom is colorized in green, complementing the wood wall in a very beautiful way. White then takes over the wall and ceiling to brighten it up.

So those are the best earthy bathroom ideas that we have picked just for you and you can use them as the ultimate reference when you want to decorate or redecorate your very own bathroom. Those ideas look so fabulous which make them so worth to copy.

Choosing an earthy theme for your bathroom decoration is definitely a good idea to consider. It will make your bathroom look and feel inviting at the same time.

To ease you to create an earthy bathroom decor, below we have some tips that you can keep in mind.

Tips to Create an Earthy Bathroom

Use Neutral Shade

The very first thing that you have to do is using the neutral shade whether as the main or additional color of your earthy bathroom. They wil brighten up and balance the overall look of the room when you add some colors, patterns, and textures inside.

Use Earthy Pallate

Green, brown, and yellow are some great colors that you can use to create an earthy nuance. You can choose some particular shades out of those colors and use them to colorize the wall.

Use Natural Finishes

The natural finishes like the wood, stone, or plants tone are obviously a must-have thing inside an earthy bedroom. Thet can work well both to dominate the decor or just as some accents. The point is, you have to add them to your earthy bathroom decor.

Place Some Indoor Plants

Though it’s not a obligation some indoor plants will become beautiful focal points for an earthy bathroom. They will also give a fresh atmosphere inside.

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