Ceiling Fan Buying Guide | How to Choose the Right One

Completing your home with some ceiling fans is never a bad idea which works not only to make it feel more comfortable but also to enhance its value. As you may have known, a ceiling fan works to circulate air around the room which helps to cool off the temperature inside.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide
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Just looking for another additional feature to add more functions to your house, you definitely need to choose the one that suits you best. There are tons of options that can totally confuse you to find the best one.

Here, we share a quick Ceiling Fan Buying Guide for your reference.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Learn the room size

In general, you can find the ceiling fans ranging from 30 to 56 inches in size which determines the amounts of air that each option moves. It’s important to match the fan size with its ability to circulate the air with the size of the room. You can use this thought as the first reference to narrow down the abundant options in the market.

First, measure the size of the room and determine the size of the ceiling that fits it best. Below are some basic measurements that you can use to choose the right size for your ceiling fan:

  • 30 to 35 inches ceiling fan is best for small rooms (8 x 10 feet).
  • 40 to 45 inches ceiling fan is best for medium rooms (12 x 12 feet).
  • 52 inches ceiling fan is best for large rooms (18 x 20 feet).

Another rule to determine the size of the ceiling fan is that you should at least keep 24 inches between the fan and the walls.

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Learn the ceiling height

The height of your ceiling is a good reference to determine the style of the fan that you actually need. Here’s what you can keep in mind:

  • Flush-mounted fan is best for a home with 8 feet ceiling.
  • Regular downrod fan is best for 9 to 10 feet ceiling.
  • Extended downrod fan is best for over 12 feet ceiling.

You can find some fans which come with downrods on their packaging and others usually offer the separated parts. This eases you to find the best fan style if you have a home with a tall ceiling.

Pick a design

Besides its main job to cool off the air inside your rooms, a ceiling fan is also a part of the decor which makes it important for you to choose an attractive one. You can match the design of the ceiling fan with the decorating style of the room for a safer option. For instance, a ceiling fan with a clean-lined design is perfect to decorate a minimalist home.

Another thing that you may also want to think about is that the blade design of a ceiling fan also tends to determine how loud it would sound and the amount of air that circulates around. For instance, the steeper ceiling blades can drive more air whether it’s downward or upward.

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