5 Simple Steps to Wash a Comforter | DIY Bedroom Care

You might already have your weekly washing ritual for those pillowcases and sheets, but how about your comforters? Do you need to treat them the same?

Wash a Comforter
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The answer is, of course, no. You can’t apply the same washing frequency for the comforters with other bedroom stuff. The next question is how to wash a comforter safely. Can you do this all by yourself or do you need to call a pro?

If you have a high-capacity washing machine and dryer, you can get the job done in your own home without any need to hire a professional cleaner. That being said, you can save your money to have your comforters clean and fresh.

Our DIY guide below will show you the proper steps on how to wash a comforter that you can follow easily.

5 Simple Steps to Wash a Comforter

Prepare these supplies:

  • Mild detergent
  • High-capacity washing machine
  • High-capacity dryer
  • Dryer balls or tennis balls
  • Needle and thread, optional

Follow these steps:

Check for the damage

You can’t toss your comforter into the washing machine when there are some damage present. That’s why you should check for tears, holes, or loose threads before washing the comforters and fixing them with a needle and thread.

Wash the comforters

Comforters can be quite huge and you have to make sure that you have a high-capacity washing machine that is enough to handle them. Carefully place your comforters in the washing machine then add some detergent.

Set the washing machine to run on a delicate cycle. Check the label on your comforters to see the water temperature that suits them best. If you don’t find the care instructions, always go with the cold water.

Rinse the comforters

You have to thoroughly rinse your comforter. Run another rinse cycle if the comforters still feel soapy.

Dry up the comforters

Once you are sure that your comforter is clean, move it to the dryer carefully. Place some dryer balls or tennis balls which can help to dry up the comforter quicker. Run the dryer cycle in low heat.

If the comforter is not really dry, you can dry it again on an air dry cycle. Repeat the step until the comforter is thoroughly dry.

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When do you need to wash your comforter?

When it comes to the comforter, you don’t really have to wash it too often. It’s because the comforter doesn’t directly touch your body anyway and washing them too often can lead to further damage.

Washing your comforter once a season is recommended, so you can keep it in its best shape. It’s enough to prolong the comfort of your comforter since washing too often can really wear it out.

However, if you find your comforters get dirty before the seasonal washing, you can always wash them as soon as possible. This will also tell you how often you actually need to wash your very own comforter.

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