25+ Most Inspiring Swimming Pool Decks Ideas On a Budget

A swimming pool will provide a very fun entertaining spot in your outdoor living space. That’s why it always becomes one of the most popular additions that many homeowners choose to improve their house.

You must have known that by having a swimming pool, you can do various kinds of aquatic activities. From simply chilling your body in the heat of the summer to exercising your body around the pool always sound so tempting to do.

Moreover, as a part of your home decor, a swimming pool will always become the main focal point in your exterior area. It grabs most of the attention which surely enhances the attractiveness of your outdoor space.

Building a swimming pool close to the deck is absolutely a good idea that you can consider. In fact, it’s a home improvement trend which becomes so popular recently.

You can have a swimming pool which is close to the living area, creating a very inviting spot to enjoy. Therefore, you can conveniently use the pool with all the family members or the coming guests.

There are tons of inspiring swimming pool decks which are built by some clever homeowners to complete their house. Of course, they look so tempting to become the superbly exhilarating outdoor living area that everyone can enjoy.

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For your inspiration, below we have picked dozens of amazing swimming pool deck ideas that will totally blow your mind. You can even build them without costing you a lot.

Best Swimming Pool Deck Ideas

Swimming Pool Deck: Simple Cozy Pool

swimming pool deck 1

A circular fabricated swimming pool is used which is enough to be a cozy aquatic spot in this backyard. A deck which is supported by poles – in the same height as the pool – completes it. The size of the deck is large enough to become the joyful area that everyone can enjoy.

Swimming Pool Deck: Small Chic Pool

swimming pool deck 2

Similar to the previous idea, it’s also a round swimming pool with a deck which is so tempting to copy. The pool is shorter which makes the size of the deck is also smaller but it’s enough to provide great enjoyment for everyone.

Swimming Pool Deck: Modern In-Ground Design

swimming pool deck 3

Here, a round swimming pool is installed in in-ground style in the center of a square deck which looks so gorgeous. For sure, it becomes an outstanding focal point and the exhilarating area around this outdoor space. You can see some greeneries and flowers also decorate the pool area in a very beautiful way.

Swimming Pool Deck: Cozy Modern Design

swimming pool deck 4

This one is basically a rectangular above-ground swimming pool with the spacious deck which is so worth to add to your inspiration list. Some lounges in raw wood finish become the cozy sitting spot which also complements the overall look of the deck. Then, various kinds of greeneries enhance the beauty and comfort of the pool area at the same time.

Swimming Pool Deck: Inground Pool Deck

swimming pool deck 5

A small rectangular indoor pool is surrounded by a huge deck which becomes the spacious outdoor living space for everyone. Besides those lounges which work as the chilling spot, some pieces of furniture also complete the deck which can be used as the cozy conversation area.

Swimming Pool Deck: Small Above-Ground Pool

swimming pool deck 6

For you who have a narrow outdoor space, this idea can be a good reference to copy. The pool is made in small dimensions which is installed on the small deck. Though it’s a small pool deck, it’s so enough to make your outdoor living space look and feel way more inviting.

Swimming Pool Deck: Minimalist Small Pool


Another inspiring small pool deck that will totally inspire you and this one is designed in a more minimalist style. The pool and deck are surrounded by clear glass fence which looks so elegant. Moreover, the long bed with tropical trees are built next to the pool which gives a more attractive touch in a natural way.

Swimming Pool Deck: Stylish Modern Design

swimming pool deck 9

The design of this swimming pool deck will surely bring the style of your outdoor living space to the next level. The rectangular pool in white concrete construction comes with the surrounding minimalist steel fence and the deck in contemporary design completes it. It will become an awesome focal point which fits well for a modern home.

Swimming Pool Deck: Simple Minimalist Design

swimming pool deck 10

A sleek rectangular pool is installed on a spacious deck in modern design which looks so awesome. Some lounges are provided to make the deck feel more joyful to use. The simplicity of its design makes it perfect to style up a home with a minimalist decorating style.

Swimming Pool Deck: Superb Modern Pool

swimming pool deck 11

An outstanding swimming pool deck which is great to decorate a large backyard. The deck is so spacious which even consists of two different levels in which each of them has a different function. The lower deck which directly faces the rectangular pool works as the chilling spot while the higher one is completed with simple conversation set.

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Swimming Pool Deck: Stylish Modern Pool

swimming pool deck 12

In this idea, a rectangular pool is surrounded by a small deck in the greyish finish which looks so stylish. The sleek design and neutral-toned style of the pool make it perfect to complete modern outdoor living space. Furthermore, the area with the white gravel base and greeneries make the overall look of the pool area look way more mesmerizing.

Swimming Pool Deck: Modern Rustic Decor

swimming pool deck 13

This swimming pool deck is built close to the patio with flagstone base which creates a beautiful rustic overall look. Though the deck is not really large, it’s enough to handle some pieces of furniture which gives a more comforting vibe. Then, some greeneries and flowers decorate the pool area gorgeously.

Swimming Pool Deck: Fun Spacious Pool

swimming pool deck 14

A long rectangular pool is built close to the deck with huge dimensions. The sofas, lounges, and tables, decorate the deck to provide a joyful sitting area that everyone can enjoy. The finish of those pieces of furniture flows beautifully with the finish of the deck while the pool looks so striking among its neutral nuance.

Swimming Pool Deck: Cozy Minimalist Pool

swimming pool deck 15

This rectangular pool is built on the deck in a rustic finish which looks so admirable. It’s surrounded by a fence and screen which provides good privacy when you enjoy the pool. Some chairs complete the decor which simply becomes the cozy sitting area.

Swimming Pool Deck: Complete Spacious Deck

swimming pool deck 16

Here, a big above ground pool is the centerpiece of the area while the huge deck with complete features is added. Not only some pieces of furniture which become some sitting spot around the deck, but a big hot tub is also installed in the corner of the deck, providing a full entertaining spot in this backyard.

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Swimming Pool Deck: Big Cozy Pool

swimming pool deck 17

A huge cozy deck is completed with a big oval pool which makes it so tempting to have. A stylish dining set with umbrella becomes the main focal point in this pool area which also creates a very inviting vibe.

Swimming Pool Deck: Simple Cozy Pool

swimming pool deck 18

This beautiful deck feels so cozy with a medium-sized swimming pool as its centerpiece. The deck is surrounded by wood finish in a similar finish which provides much better comfort. Some pieces of furniture and greeneries decorate the deck stylishly.

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Swimming Pool Deck: Beautiful Earthy Decor

swimming pool deck 19

An above ground swimming pool with wood frame is installed on the deck with the fence in natural finish which creates a beautiful earthy nuance. The gorgeous greeneries are planted around the deck which enhances the natural nuance in this pool area in a very admirable way.

Swimming Pool Deck: Simple Chic Design

swimming pool deck 20

In this idea, a small above ground square pool is installed on the deck which comes with step and planters. For sure, it’s a very good inspiration to improve a backyard with narrow dimensions.

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So those are the best swimming pool deck ideas that we have picked just for you. Of course, you can use them as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to give some improvements to your house. They are designed so attractively to become the main focal point of your exterior area while also becomes an exhilarating spot that everyone can enjoy.

Building a pool with deck is definitely a much better area to make your home look and feel so entertaining. You just need to pick the best idea and start building your own swimming pool deck now!

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