Small Inground Pool: 25+ Admirable Ideas for a Narrow Backyard

Building a swimming pool is always one of the best considerations when it comes to backyard improvement. It’s an exhilarating water feature which will make your outdoor living space look and feel more inviting.

An inground swimming pool is still the most popular option up until today. It’s always an everyone’s favorite of swimming pool installation type.

For you who have a backyard with limited space, an inground pool is definitely the better option over the one which is installed in an above-ground style. Though it may be harder to install, an inground swimming pool doesn’t take a lot of space like the above ground one.

The ideal dimensions of the smallest inground swimming pool are about 12′ x 12′ with 3.5′. It’s enough to give you a cozy aquatic experience while enjoying the fresh summer air.

Of course, a swimming pool will always become the main focal point of your outdoor living space even when it’s built in small size. You can make it look more attractive by styling it up with some catchy decor items.

Therefore, installing a small inground pool is definitely considerable to enhance the beauty and entertaining vibe of your backyard area. It doesn’t take a lot of space of your narrow backyard.

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For your inspiration, below we share tons of mesmerizing small inground swimming pool which are so tempting to copy.

Best Small Inground Pool Ideas

Small Inground Pool: Simple Square Pool

small inground pool 1

A simple small inground pool which fits well for a minimalist home. The white frame of the pool makes it look strikingly attractive among the grass base of this backyard area and those greeneries. A fountain then completes the decor of the pool beautifully.

Small Inground Pool: Cozy Rustic Pond

small inground pool 2

This small inground pool looks so beautiful with its concrete construction in natural finish and rocky border. The design gives a rustic touch with the modern twist to the decor of the backyard. A sitting area with two loungers is built close to the pool which makes it feel more joyful.

Small Inground Pool: Minimalist Rectangular Pool

small inground pool 3

A stylish rectangular pool which will style up a minimalist home gorgeously. The rustic flooring of the pool’s construction complement the rocky pathway and the deck around the backyard’s decor. The trees and greeneries then complete the pool area which creates a more refreshing atmosphere.

Small Inground Pool: Modern Sophisticated Pool

small inground pool 4

A small inground pool with a sophisticated design which will bring the style of your exterior area to a whole new level. The minimalist bench with fluffy cushion and built-in planter provide a cozy sitting area and decorate the pool area gorgeously. Furthermore, some ball lights are installed on the accent wall which enhance the attractiveness of the pool uniquely.

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Small Inground Pool: Sleek Rectangular Pool

small inground pool 5

A uniquely beautiful backyard with all-white nuance which is completed with a minimalist pool as its focal point. The pool is designed in a simple style which complements its minimalist decorating style very well.

Small Inground Pool: Freshly Modern Pool

small inground pool 6

A simple small inground pool in a square shape which is perfect for you who have a narrow outdoor space. The pool is surrounded by a glass fence which gives a chic modern touch. Moreover, various kinds of greeneries enhance the beauty and freshness of the pool area.

Small Inground Pool: Gorgeous Rustic Pool

small inground pool 7

The exposed brick base makes this patio look gorgeously rustic in which the small swimming pool in custom shape becomes an attractive focal point. Some greeneries then beautify the decor of this outdoor living space.

Small Inground Pool: Colorful Vintage Pool

small inground pool 8

This small inground pool is a good choice for you who love vintage decorating style. The base of the area is made of concrete block with its natural finish while various kinds of flowers and plantations give a very colorful touch to its decor.

Small Inground Pool: Narrow Rectangular Pool

small inground pool 9

Though this pool is designed in a very small size, it’s enough to be a catchy focal point. It’s a very good pool for you who have an outdoor living space with very limited space.

Small Inground Pool: Earthy Minimalist Pool

small inground pool 10” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>

The decor of this inground pool looks so mesmerizing with the combination of wood, rocks, trees, and greeneries. The white gravels brightens up the pool area while those trees and wood give stylish earthy tones in a very attractive way.

Small Inground Pool: Round Rocky Pool

small inground pool 10a

A chic inground swimming pool in round shape which looks brightly beautiful with its grey concrete construction and white gravels border. Then, various kinds of plantations and wood deck colorize the pool area.

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For more inspiration, just keep scrolling to check out more small inground pool ideas to complete your reference list.

small inground pool 11


small inground pool 12


small inground pool 13


small inground pool 14


small inground pool 16


small inground pool 15


small inground pool 17


small inground pool 18


small inground pool 19


small inground pool 20

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small inground pool 21


small inground pool 22


small inground pool 23


small inground pool 24


small inground pool 25

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So those are some amazing small inground pool ideas which are so worth to add to your inspiration list. You can use the list for your ultimate reference when you have a plan to enhance the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space.

You just need to pick the best inground swimming pool which really suits your needs, taste, and the available space of your backyard. Those ideas will definitely help you to find the best inground swimming pool which you really love even when you have a narrow backyard

Building a small inground swimming pool is definitely a good consideration that you can keep in mind to beautify the decor of your exterior area. Moreover, you will have a joyful water feature that you can enjoy all the time.

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