25+ Smartest Small Bathroom Decor Ideas That Will Mesmerize You

The trend of the small bathroom keeps increasing recently since it’s more effective and efficient than the one with huge dimensions. It’s also perfect for a small minimalist home since t doesn’t take a lot of space. So, having a small bathroom is always a good idea to keep in mind.

However, one of the hardest things to do when you have a small bathroom is how to decorate it as admirable and as comfortable as possible. You have to deal with a very tight space which means that you can’t really bring all the decor elements as you wish.

You have to consider the background color which suits a small space very well. The designs of the fixtures also should be the one which provides convenient inside a narrow bathroom. Then, if you want to add some decor items, you have to properly place them on the right spots.

Most homeowners choose neutral shades to colorize their small bathroom since it gives a bright overall look and calming vibe to the room. For the fixtures, the modern sleek designs become the favorite option. To make it look more decorative, some indoor plants and wall art then complete the decor.

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For your ultimate inspirations, below we share tons of inspiring small bathroom decor ideas which are smartly designed to make a small bathroom look and feel so inviting.

Best Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Small Bathroom Decor: Decorative Neutral Bathroom

small bathroom decor 1

White is used as the background color which creates a brightly beautiful overall look. The grey subway tiles are installed in zig-zag formation which gives a catchy decorative touch but still keeps the neutral nuance of the room. The sleek hanging vanity in wood finish then colorizes the decor of the room beautifully.

Small Bathroom Decor: Catchy All-White Decor

small bathroom decor 2

Basically, this one is a bathroom with all-white nuance and those decor items make it look so attractive. The white subway tile, monochrome decorative tile, and wood planks become the catchy accents which style up the room. They colorize and give a gorgeous pattern to the all-white nuance of the decor.

Small Bathroom Decor: Stylish Neutral Decor

small bathroom decor 3

White tiles and grey tiles with texture decorate this small bathroom, creating a simply stylish neutral overall look which fits for you who love a basic minimalist decor. The sleek contemporary fixtures are the only things that decorate the room without any additional decor items. For sure, it’s a very simple bathroom decor with a very inviting vibe.

Small Bathroom Decor: Elegant Masculine Decor

small bathroom decor 4

Black dominates this small bathroom which creates a boldly elegant overall look. The fixtures and furniture in a clean-lined design complement the atmosphere of the room perfectly. The rustic wood flooring in the shower area then adds a warmer hue to the decor which is enough to make it look more decorative.

Small Bathroom Decor: Modern Rustic Style

small bathroom decor 5

The tiles with a natural concrete finish and wood elements are combined inside this small bathroom which creates a mesmerizing rustic overall look with a more modern twist. There is no vibrant color added to the decor which keeps the authenticity of those earthy elements perfectly.

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Small Bathroom Decor: White Rustic Decor

small bathroom decor 6

White is applied to the wall of this bathroom and all of the fixures which make it look gorgeous in a more simple way. An accent wall which is covered by wood planks in a raw finish then brings the style of the decor to a whole new level.

Small Bathroom Decor: Attractive Stylish Decor

small bathroom decor 7

For you who want to have a small bathroom with a striking decorative nuance, this idea can be a good reference to copy. The wall with an exposed brick look in the grey finish gives a unique texture and neutral touch while those woods make it look more colorful. Thanks to those white fixtures and furniture which soothe the nuance of the room.

Small Bathroom Decor: Monochrome Farmhouse Decor

small bathroom decor 8

White subway tiles cover all sides of the wall of this small bathroom while the black geometric tile handles the flooring area. Such combination gives a catchy monochrome overall look which is so admirable. Then, the pieces of furniture in wood finish and indoor plants decorate the room which creates a chic farmhouse vibe.

Small Bathroom Decor: Catchy Earthy Decor

small bathroom decor 9

White subway tile and grey geometric tile are combined in this small bathroom which creates a neutral overall look with a more decorative nuance. Then, the vintage wood vanity and red ethnic rug give another style to the decor which even makes it look more festive.

Small Bathroom Decor: Chic Earthy Decor

small bathroom decor 10

The brown tile with stone texture covers half of the space of this bathroom which is combined with white. They create a chich earthy nuance with a very cozy vibe.

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Just keep scrolling to find more small bathroom decor ideas to complete your inspiration list!

small bathroom decor 11


small bathroom decor 12


small bathroom decor 13


small bathroom decor 14


small bathroom decor 15

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small bathroom decor 16


small bathroom decor 17


small bathroom decor 18
small bathroom decor 19


small bathroom decor 20


small bathroom decor 21


small bathroom decor 22


small bathroom decor 23


small bathroom decor 24


small bathroom decor 25

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So those are the best small bathroom decor ideas that you can use as the reference when you have a plan to build a new bathroom or decorate the existing one. The list will totally help you to make a small bathroom with a very admirable look and comfortable atmosphere that everyone will love.

Choosing a small bathroom than the spacious one is surely a good idea to consider especially for you who have a small home. With the proper decoration, you can have a small bathroom which is so joyful to use on a regular basis.

To ease you more, below we share some easy tips that you can apply to decorate a small bathroom.

Tips to Decorate a Smal Bathroom

Use Neutral Shades

As has been mentioned before, neutral shades are mostly used to decorate a small bathroom. White and grey are the two popular options since it can give the room a simple basic color with a bright nuance. These kinds of shade work very well since they won’t make the room look or feel too intimidating just like those vibrant colors might do.

Add Soft or Earthy Tones

If using neutral colors seem too boring for you, adding soft colors or earthy elements is a good idea to consider. They will make the room look more colorful in a much simpler way. Soft colors and earthy tones will complement the neutral background color and also enhance the relaxing vibe around the room.

Complete with Pattern and Texture

Besides additional colors, you can also decorate a small bathroom with some patterns and texture. When it comes to bathroom decor, of course, you can play with tiles which come with various patterns or texture. It’s a much wiser idea if you apply these elements in fewer or balance portion.

Make it Airy

You always have to make sure that the air inside your small bathroom circulates properly by providing good ventilation. It’s a very important key to make a bathroom with limited space feel comfortable to use daily.

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