Scandinavian Kitchen Design: 25+ Stylish Inspirations with Modern Nuance

When you hear the terms Scandinavian decor, you will imagine a room full of chic pieces of furniture and decor items which look so stylish, right? Well, you’re absolutely right, it’s one of the most popular decorating style options which are adored by many homeowners due to its mesmerizing overall look.

It’s believed that Scandinavian has been around since 1950 which was initially created by the people from the Nordic region. The basic characteristic of this is about simplicity and functionality which makes it still fit well even in this modern era.

Since it’s kind of traditional decorating style, you will find some earthy and raw elements like wood tone, metal finishes, and indoor plants inside a room with Scandinavian style. Then, due to the cold climate of its origin, the Scandinavian decor is all about the warming vibe, that’s why it’s filled by textured or fury linen.

For the color, the basic neutral shades like white and grey are always the top choices. They give a nice balanced look which can soothe the decorative nuance of a Scandinavian decor which can be quite overwhelming. Then, it also creates a brightly beautiful overall look which lets all the color pop up attractively.

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So, if you have a plan to decorate your kitchen, choosing a Scandinavian style is absolutely a good idea. It will make your beloved kitchen look and feel so inviting at the same time.

For your inspiration, check out some inspiring Scandinavian kitchen design ideas that we share just for you!

Best Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: All-White Earthy Decor

scandinavian kitchen 1

White dominates this Scandinavian kitchen which makes it look so bright. It’s applied to the wall, ceiling, backsplash, and countertop. then, the green kitchen island and wood tone in stools and flooring colorize the decor in a very natural way.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Decorative Monochrome Style

scandinavian kitchen 2

Again, white is used as the main color of the room while some black tones are added, creating a stylish monochrome overall look. The subway tile backsplash gives a catchy decorative touch which makes the decor look more attractive harmoniously.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Earthy Monochrome Decor

scandinavian kitchen 3

The combination of black and white always creates a stylish overall look, and this idea combines those colors gorgeously. To make it look more colorful, the earthy brown finishes give a warmer contrast. Moreover, an ethnic rug adds another style. It combines modern and natural element in one decor.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Rustic Neutral Decor

scandinavian kitchen 4

White wall and grey flooring are combined in this Scandinavian kitchen which creates a chic neutral nuance. As the focal point, a small island with wood construction and concrete countertop is chosen which give a fabulous rustic touch.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Brightly Beautiful Decor

scandinavian kitchen 5

A beautiful all-white Scandinavian kitchen which looks so tempting to copy. The wood tones and indoor plants colorize the decor with its earthy look. It’s a good inspiration for you who have a kitchen with limited space.

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Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Decorative White Kitchen

scandinavian kitchen 6

The subway tile backsplash and wood flooring in white create a brightly decorative look which makes this Scandinavian kitchen worth to add to your inspiration list. The dining set in black works as the focal point which gives a stylish bold touch. Some indoor plants then make the atmosphere feel much fresher.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Glamor White Kitchen

scandinavian kitchen 7

The subway tile backsplash which is arranged in chevron pattern gives this white kitchen a decorative touch in a very harmonious way. Those white cabinets and island even brighten up the nuance of the room. Then, the gold finish and wood tone enhance the attractiveness of the room’s decor.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Chic Narrow Kitchen

scandinavian kitchen 8

Another inspiring idea for you who have a kitchen with narrow dimensions and the combination of white and grey is used. The neutral nuance of the room creates a bright nuance and wider impression to its limited space. To make it look more attractive, some wood tones and indoor plants complete the room.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Shades of Grey Decor

scandinavian kitchen 9

Here, shades of grey are combined which creates a simple neutral nuance. The white subway tile gives a decorative touch while those wooden chairs colorize it. They enhance the beauty of the decor without making it feel overwhelming.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Catchy Rustic Decor

scandinavian kitchen 10

This Scandinavian kitchen design looks so catchy with its green and grey geometric backsplash. It gives another style and color to its rustic overall look in a more distinctive way.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Chic Colorful Decor

scandinavian kitchen 11

A mesmerizing Scandinavian kitchen with rustic nuance which is decorated by the mixture of yellow and neutral shades. Its unique 3D backsplash looks striking among soothing overall look.

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Just keep scrolling to find more Scandinavian kitchen design ideas that you can use for your ultimate inspiration.

scandinavian kitchen 12


scandinavian kitchen 13


scandinavian kitchen 14


scandinavian kitchen 15

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scandinavian kitchen 16


scandinavian kitchen 17


scandinavian kitchen 18


scandinavian kitchen 19


scandinavian kitchen 20


scandinavian kitchen 21


scandinavian kitchen 22


scandinavian kitchen 23


scandinavian kitchen 24


scandinavian kitchen 25

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So those are some inspiring Scandinavian kitchen ideas that we have picked just for you. Of course, you can use the list for the reference when you have a plan to decorate your kitchen with Scandinavian style.

Choosing Scandinavian decor to style up your kitchen is a very good consideration to keep in mind. Its distinctive mixture of decor elements always creates a mesmerizing overall look that everyone will love. Furthermore, it also has a very comforting vibe that makes your kitchen feels so inviting.

Pick the best Scandinavian kitchen design which really suits your needs and taste, then start decorating your very own kitchen now!

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