25+ Most Stylish Scandinavian Bathroom Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Talking about the most popular decorating styles, the Scandinavian decor is always on the top list. It’s adored by so many homeowners to make their home look so attractive.

The main reason is that Scandinavian decor never fails to style up any rooms in a house. It combines tons of finishes, texture, and pattern in one decor which creates a uniquely beautiful overall look. You will find a room with Scandinavian decor is filled with various kinds of elements which makes it have its own character.

Besides the look, the Scandinavian decor also does a very great job to give a very exhilarating atmosphere with its unique mixture of elements. That is why you will love to stay around a room with Scandinavian decorate that styles it up.

Of course, bringing the Scandinavian decor to your bathroom is definitely a good idea to keep in mind. You will have a very stylish bathroom which will make your daily need feels more exhilarating to do.

However, decorating your bathroom with Scandinavian style is quite difficult since you have to add lots of decor elements to a room with limited space. You may end up having a bathroom with uninviting vibe if you decorate it improperly.

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To help you out, we have picked dozens of inspiring Scandinavian bathroom ideas that you will totally admire.

Best Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Unique Neutral Decor

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 1

White dominates this Scandinavian bathroom which creates a brightly beautiful overall look. Concrete flooring and sink add a chic neutral touch with a rustic style to the decor of the room stylishly. To make the room look more attractive, the flat vanity and indoor plant complete the decor.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Freshly Chic Decor

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 2

Tons of greeneries fill this Scandinavian bathroom which gives a gorgeous earthy color and refreshing atmosphere. The flooring with hexagonal tile in the concrete finish gives another style while those gold hardware glamorize the decor.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Decorative Stylish Bathroom

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 3

Square subway tiles in white cover the walls of this bathroom which create a catchy decorative nuance. Floating vanity in natural wood finish and gold hardware are the only element which colorize the room in a very stylish way.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Chic Monochrome Decor

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 4

The black and white tile with ethnic pattern gives a catchy monochrome touch to this bathroom. The floating vanity with wood door adds a warmer hue which makes it look way more attractive.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Decorative Earthy Bathroom

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 5

The wood flooring in a chevron pattern decorates this bathroom with white background color gorgeously. A huge indoor plant is placed on the corner of the room which complements its earthy overall look.

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Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Glamor Earthy Decor

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 6

Wood vanity with marble countertop and gold hardware becomes the main focal point which looks so stunning. The ethnic rug is then placed on the flooring which gives another style distinctively.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Catchy White Decor

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 7

Basically, this one is an all-white bathroom which is then decorated with blue vanity and ethnic rug. Those glass windows let the outdoor light to come to the bathroom which even brightens up the room beautifully.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Decorative White Bathroom


The festive Moroccan flooring and ethnic rug give a catchy decorative touch which attractively complements its all-white nuance. Then, the navy vanity and bronze bathtub colorize the decor very well.

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Just keep scrolling to find more Scandinavian decor ideas that you can use for your ultimate reference!

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 9


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 10


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 11


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 12


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 13


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 14


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 15

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Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 16


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 17


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 18


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 19


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 20
Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 21


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 22


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 23


Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas 24



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So those are the best Scandinavian bathroom ideas that we have picked just for you. They are designed so attractively with a very exhilarating vibe that everyone will surely love.

Decorating your bathroom with Scandinavian style is not a bad idea to consider. It’s a good option which will make your bathroom both look and feel so inviting at the same time.

You just need to choose the best Scandinavian bathroom idea which really suits your needs and taste then star decorating your very own bathroom now!

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