Rustic Kitchen Design: 25+ Fabulous Inspirations That Will Amaze You

The beauty of rustic decoration has amazed us from ages ago.Up until today, tons of homeowners still choose this gorgeous decorating style to style up their beloved home.

Basically, rustic decor is characterized by raw and earthy materials which are combined together beautifully. Wood, exposed brick, concrete, rocks are some elements which are so popular to use in a rustic decor today.

Not only look aesthetically distinctive, but a room with rustic decor feels so warm due to the use of earthy materials. It sparks a very joyful atmosphere around the room that everyone will surely love.

Applying the rustic decor to your kitchen is absolutely a great idea. You will have a kitchen which looks and feels so inviting at the same time.

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We have picked some awesome rustic kitchen ideas that will ensure you to decorate your very own kitchen with rustic style below.

Best Rustic Kitchen Ideas

rustic kitchen decor 1


rustic kitchen decor 2


rustic kitchen decor 3


rustic kitchen decor 4


rustic kitchen decor 5


rustic kitchen decor 6

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rustic kitchen decor 7


rustic kitchen decor 8


rustic kitchen decor 9


rustic kitchen decor 10


rustic kitchen decor 11


rustic kitchen decor 12

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rustic kitchen decor 13


rustic kitchen decor 14


rustic kitchen decor 15


rustic kitchen decor 16


rustic kitchen decor 17


rustic kitchen decor 18

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rustic kitchen decor 19


rustic kitchen decor 20


rustic kitchen decor 21

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Those are some inspiring rustic kitchen ideas that you can use as the reference when you are about to decorate your beloved kitchen. For sure, rustic decor will not fail to make your kitchen look admirable and feel comfortable at once.

To ease you to create a rustic kitchen design, below we have some simple tips that you can keep in mind.

Tips to Create A Rustic Kitchen

  • Choose Neutral Background Color

White and warm grey are two most popular colors which mostly use to be the background of a rustic decor. The main reason is that those colors will make the room look bright and sooth the warmth of earthy elements that dominate the decor.

  • Use Earthy Element to the Rest of the Space

When the neutral shades handle the walls and ceiling, you can use the wood, concrete, or even the rocky flooring to create rustic overall look. Wood laminate flooring is everyone’s favorite when it comes to a rustic kitchen. It’s available in various finishes that you can choose based on your taste.

  • Put One Rustic Focal Point

Actually, you don’t have to always use all pieces of furniture and decor items in raw finishes to create a rustic decor. It’s so enough for you to just choose a focal point with rustic look which will grab everyone’s attention. For example, you can choose the cabinets or kitchen island win rustic wood finish.

  • Combine the Style

To create a more stylish rustic decor, you can mix and match the style. Decorate your rustic kitchen with modern furniture, lighting fixture, or appliances then complement it with vintage decor items.

  • Make it Bright and Airy

The raw finishes of a rustic decor can be quite intimidating. Therefore, it’s so important for you to always provide ample light and make sure that the air circulate properly.

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