5 Quick Ways to Declutter Everything Like a Pro

Those clean pantries and closets that you find on Instagram or Pinterest look so inspiring to try, of course. You are so tempted to bring those ideas to your very own storage stations.

Quick Ways to Declutter Everything
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But then, when you open your personal pantries and closets, you are so confused about how to declutter your stuff. You don’t really know where to start or what to keep and throw away.

In this article, we share with you 5 quick ways to declutter everything that will walk you to the proper steps that you can follow easily.

5 Quick Ways to Declutter Everything

Prepare everything

The key to great decluttering is preparation. Ask yourself some questions like why do you need to organize? What do you want to achieve once everything is properly organized? What do you want to keep, donate, or throw away?

Once you can answer your questions, then you are ready to move to the next steps.

Categorize, categorize, and categorize

Categorizing is always the initial step to start organizing your items. Mixing all items altogether is not a nice thing to do at all and you can’t expect to have your items to get neatly organized.

It’s a very good way to determine where each item belongs in your storage stations. You will get both nice visibility in your storage stations and great access at the same time.

Go easy on yourself

Decluttering is easier when you are dealing with things that are manageable. It means that you need to start with the items that don’t really take a lot of thought to keep or throw away.

For instance, decluttering your fridge is easier than managing your memorabilia box. You can just easily throw away the items which are expired when tossing the old photos of you with your high-school friends can trigger some kind of dilemma.

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Start with a small section

It may be so tempting to declutter the entire room (or even house) once at a time, but it actually doesn’t really work for most of you. Keep in mind that starting with a small space can put your focus more on what needs to get done.

Pay attention to your messy drawers, dressers, cabinets, and other small storage stations instead of inspecting the whole room.

Make it quick

Most of you may think that decluttering will take hours and hours when actually 15 minutes is the best timeframe to get the job done. This is actually enough to neatly organize your items and the hours are actually a waste of time that you use to think without actually doing. It’s because the hardest part of decluttering is to start it, once you actually do it, you will unexpectedly get more energy.

So, set your timer to 15 minutes and start doing the job and see how much you can accomplish within the timeframe. If you are dealing with huge clutter, do each big job within 15 minutes and try your best to finish it before the time is up.

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