Pergola Pool Design: 25+ Stunning Ideas for a Cozy Pool

Swimming pool is always one of the most popular water features which are chosen by many homeowners since ages ago. It doesn’t only enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space but also provides tons of benefits.

Once you add a swimming pool, it will become the main focal point of your outdoor space. It will give another style to make your exterior area look way more attractive.

A swimming pool can be a private fun recreation in your own home that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Then, you can also do various kinds of water exercise which will support your healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, building a swimming pool is never a bad idea to consider since it will make your home look and feel way more inviting. Moreover, you can also decorate your swimming pool with some additions and pergola should be one of the top options.

Yeap, a pergola mainly work to shade the pool which filters the sun exposure so you can enjoy the pool even when in the heat of the summer. Them, it will totally bring the style of your pool’s decor to a whole new level.

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For your inspirations, here we share lots of pergola pool design that will totally mesmerize you!

Best Pergola Pool Design Ideas

Pergola Pool Design: Modern Minimalist Style

pergola pool 1

A stunning pergola with sleek and clean-lined design shade the bathtub area of this modern swimming pool. The pergola also comes with the built-in waterfall which beautifies the decor of the pool amazingly.

Pergola Pool Design: Classic Rustic Style

pergola pool 2

Here, the pergola is designed in classic style with curvy wood planks are used for its top. Then, the base of pergola is made of concrete and slate which adds a rustic touch to its overall look.

Pergola Pool Design: Big Shade Pergola

pergola pool 4

For you who want to have a big pergola which shades large area of your outdoor space, this idea can be a good option for you. It filters the pool and sitting area at the same time in a very beautiful way.

Pergola Pool Design: Two-Toned Finish

pergola pool 3

This pergola pool looks so catchy with its two-toned look. The frame is finished in black while the panel is left with its natural wood finish. The size of the pergola is big enough to protect the pool and patio very well.

Pergola Pool Design: Big White Pergola

pergola pool 5

A huge pergola which is finished entirely in white covers the whole area of this long swimming pool in a very awesome way. It gorgeously brightens up the outdoor living space of this home.

Pergola Pool Design: Big Modern Pergola

pergola pool 6

This is a big frame construction which is used to protect the pool and patio area. For the pool area, the pergola panel completes the frame construction to filter the excessive sun exposure which looks so gorgeous.

Pergola Pool Design: Acrylic Covered Pergola

pergola pool 7

A simple pergola which is completed with acrylic panel to provide better shade for the patio and pool area. It’s a chic small pergola which is perfect for you who love simplicity.

Pergola Pool Design: Modern Natural Style

pergola pool 8

A gorgeous pergola in clean-lined design which is finished in redwood, combining a modern and natural style in a very simple way. The greeneries in chic planter decorate the pool area which complement the pergola beautifully.

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Pergola Pool Design: Rustic Modern Style

pergola pool 9

Another pergola in modern design with the natural overall look that will never fail to style up your swimming pool area. It shades the patio with various kinds of outdoor furniture and a little bit area of the pool which gives a very inviting atmosphere around.

Pergola Pool Design: Greeneries Pergola Shade

pergola pool 10

A unique pergola which is decorated by climbing vines. Those greeneries don’t only make the pergola look more decorative but also provides a very exhilarating shade for the patio and pool area.

Pergola Pool Design: Classic Accent Pergola

pergola pool 11

A beautiful large swimming pool which is decorated by some accents pergola. They work very well both to shade the pool and give some fascinating accent which beautify the decor of the pool stunningly.

Pergola Pool Design: Superb Wall Pergola

pergola pool 12

This one is a pergola in which the walls around the pool are used as its posts. Some wood planks are simply installed above the pool which surely makes it feel much cozier to enjoy.

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Pergola Pool Design: Pergola with Swings

pergola pool 13

Some cozy swings are attached to this pergola which surely makes it look distinctively attractive. Those swings provide an fun sitting area which is so enjoyable. It’s definitely a simply clever way to decorate a pergola for the swimming pool.

Pergola Pool Design: Simple Rustic Style

pergola pool 14

A small pergola in classic design covers one corner of this swimming pool in a gorgeous way. Its wood finish with weathered texture makes it look more distinctively attractive and complement the rustic overall look of the pool area very well.

Pergola Pool Design: Big Accent Pergola

pergola pool 15

A big pergola with rustic classic design completes the decor of this superb swimming pool fabulously. The pergola doesn’t really work as the shade since the top is not fully covered by the planks.

Pergola Pool Design: Sturdy Steel Pergola

pergola pool 16

Steel can be an alternative material to build a pergola when you don’t think that wood doesn’t suit your needs. Here, the posts, frame, and the panel of the pergola is entirely made of steel. It looks so stunning and feel much sturdier.

Pergola Pool Design: Fully Shaded Design

pergola pool 17

Instead of wood planks, the top of this pergola is made of wood and acrylic panel which provides cozy full shade for the pool area. The modern design pf the pergola flows beautifully with the minimalist decor of the pool.

Pergola Pool Design: Unique Arbor Pergola

pergola pool 18

This pergola comes with the curvy arbor pergola which makes it look so attractive in a more distinctive way. The main materials that build up the pergola construction are wood and rocks which create a beautiful rustic overall look.

Pergola Pool Design: Small Minimalist Design

pergola pool 19

A small pergola with built-in sectional which can be a good inspiration for you who want to add cozy sitting area around your pool area. The modern design of the pool fits really well for you who love minimalist decorating style.

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Pergola Pool Design: Contemporary Curvy Design

pergola pool 20

A fascinating pergola pool with curvy and post-less design that will give another style to your swimming pool decor. The planks are installed in random positions which create a distinctive overall look. Moreover, some LED lights complete the pergola to make it look and feel more inviting even in the night time.

Pergola Pool Design: Simple Minimalist Design

pergola pool 21

Another pergola inspiration to complement your minimalist outdoor living space, and it’s made of wood board and steel frame. It’s finished in black and natural wood which looks so stylish.

Pergola Pool Design: Small White Pergola

pergola pool 22

Here, a gorgeous white pergola is used to shade the small bar area which is built close to the pool. The pergola fabulously complements the white overall look of the pool area and covers the bar very well.

Pergola Pool Design: White Green Pergola

pergola pool 23

A beautiful modern pergola in white finish which comes with glass panel and climbing vines. The pergola provides cozy shade and feel so fresh with those greeneries.

Pergola Pool Design: Vintage Rustic Pergola

pergola pool 24

The classic concrete posts of this pergola pool give an enchanting touch to its pool area. The wood pergola roof made of wood with rustic finish complements the posts stylishly.

Pergola Pool Design: Simple Small Pergola

pergola pool 25

This pergola is designed to shade small sitting area which is placed close to the pool. It’s finished in natural wood which is decorated with some climbing vines to complement the natural surrounding of the outdoor space.

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Well, those are the best pergola pool ideas that we have picked just for you. You can use this list as the reference when you have a plan to decorate your swimming pool. They are designed beautifully and built to make your pool feel more exhilarating to enjoy.

Adding a pergola is always a good consideration that you can keep in mind to enhance the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space. It offers a lot of benefits for everyone.

Just choose the best idea which really suits your needs and taste, then decorate your swimming pool now!

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