Pallet Bedding Ideas: 15+ DIY Projects to Try This Summer

Wood pallet has been known as a friendly materials to create tons of DIY things. You can create various kinds of furniture and decor items by using used shipping pallets.

In other words, wood pallets can cope with many DIY projects that you can use to decorate your home sweet home. They are cheap and easily available, that’s why all DIYers always love the projects which involve wood pallet as the main materials.

Of course, you can create a unique bedding by using the shipping wood pallet. You will have a distinctively attractive bedroom once you have it as the main focal point.

There are thousands of awesome inspirations of DIY pallet beddings which will totally amaze you. They are so worth to copy when you want to make your own bed frame instead of buying a fabricated one.

Below, we share you some amazing DIY pallet bedding ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference.

DIY Pallet Bedding Ideas

Minimalist Bedding

pallet bedding 1
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This one is a complete pallet bedding frame with headboard in minimalist design which looks simply gorgeous. It’s finished in black wood which really suits a modern decor.

Lighten Bedding

pallet bedding 2
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Basically, it’s a very simple pallet bedding that you can easily make at home, and its hidden LED light totally enhance its attractiveness. The white finish of the bedding makes it look brightly admirable.

Simply Stylish Bedding

pallet bedding 3
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Another simple project in which you just have to stack some wood pallets to create a stylish bed frame with its headboard. The pallet is finished in natural bright wood look which is attractive enough to be the focal point of your bedroom.

Raw Pallet Bedding

pallet bedding 4
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This pallet bedding is a good inspiration for you who want to have an industrial decor. It looks raw with its natural wood finish and the mattress size which is smaller than the frame makes it look much catchier in a very simple way.

Red Platform Bedding

pallet bedding 5
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For you who want a pallet bedding with vibrant look, this one with red finish can be a good reference for you. It’s a simple low platform bed which will grab everyone’s attention.

Portable Bedding

pallet bedding 6
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Attaching some caster wheels to your pallet bedding is a good way to make it portable. You can easily move it anytime and anywhere as you wish.

Pallet Bedding with Storages

pallet bedding 7
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A pallet bedding with built-in storages which fits for you who have a limited space. The frame, headborad, and baskets are all made of wood pallet.

Rustic Bedding

pallet bedding 8
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A beautiful pallet bedding with simple low frame and tall headboard with a gorgeous natural wood finish. You can see two small sconces are installed on its headboard to provide additional lighting sources.

Simple Platform Bedding

pallet bedding 9
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A simple pallet bedding for a minimalist bedroom that you can create in no time. It’s designed in a simple platform style without headboard but still manage to look so chic.

Big Headboard Bedding

pallet bedding 10
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A fabulous pallet bedding with a big headboard all of made of wood shipping pallet. The headboard adds a more distinctive touch which you can make easily at home.

Bright Turquoise Bedding

pallet bedding 11
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A simple pallet bedding with a bright turquoise finish which looks so tempting to copy. Since the mattress is smaller than the frame, the available space can be used to place some stuff.

Kids Bedding with Canopy

pallet bedding 12
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This cute pallet bedding is a good option to use for your beloved daughters. The design is inspired by a log house complete with some windows and canopy. To make it look more attractive, some string lights decorate the bedding.

Sleek Platform Bedding

pallet bedding 13
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A fabulous modern bedding with a sleek clean-lined design which comes with some built-in drawers. It’s a good option for you who have a modern bedroom decor.

Black Lighten Pallet

pallet bedding 14
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An all-black pallet bedding which looks stunning with green LED lighting underneath the frame. The bedding looks so futuristic to enhance the attractiveness of your bedroom.

Well, those are some amazing pallet bedding ideas that we have picked just for you. They can be some good inspirations when you want to have a unique bedding for your beloved bedroom.

Pallet bedding is a nice alternative when you have a limited budget to buy a bedding. It looks attractively unique to style up your bedroom.

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