This is How to Organize a Small Living Room All by Yourself

Providing ample storage stations in a small living room is very challenging. You have to think smart so you can organize your items neatly.

Below, we share with you the quick ways on how to organize a small living room.

How to Organize a Small Living Room

Organize a Small Living Room
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Choose double-duty furniture

When it comes to a small living room, you have to be smart in providing the pieces of furniture. They should have double roles so you don’t have to place a lot of pieces inside. For instance, you can find ottomans and sofas which come with hidden storage that you can find by opening the seating.

Utilize the walls

You can’t skip utilizing the space of the walls to provide storage inside a small living room. The floating shelves are great to display your beloved items. They can be a good additional storage station without taking the space on the floor. Keep in mind to choose the one with the sleek design to avoid creating stuffy nuance.

Benefit the space underneath

If you have pieces of furniture with empty space underneath, don’t skip them. Place some items under the bench or chairs to store some books, baskets, and some other stuff. Another option is to use the space under the staircase if you have one. They are good to avoid clutters around the living room even when you are dealing with limited space.

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Make the mantel work

If you have a fireplace mantel, you can use the space to store some books or display some decor items. One thing to keep in mind in using the mantel as the storage station is that you need to keep it well-organized. It’s because the fireplace is one of the main focal points in the room which makes it draws most of the attention.

Consider using a bar cart

Yes, you are reading it right. A bar cart will enhance both the beauty and comfort of your tiny living room in a very distinctive way. It’s a good alternative to replace side tables, shelves, and drawers. The sleek design of a bar cart is perfect to decorate a living room with very limited space.

Get creative with the storage

You don’t always have to use the pieces of furniture which are specifically designed to provide a storage station, you can get more creative. For instance, a decorative ladder that you can lean against the wall is good to drape your throw blankets or a trunk as a coffee table which can also work as hidden storage. Of course, you will have both a cozy and unique living room decor all at once.

Add a full bookshelf

Prefer to have a centered storage station? Consider adding one big bookshelf that takes over one side of the wall. You can access all of your items from one place conveniently instead of finding them here and there around your living room.

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