Modern Girls Bedroom: 25+ Adorable Inspirations To Try

A girl bedroom is all about chicness and fun which relate to how you decorate it. The color, pieces of furniture, and decor items should complement each other to create a pretty overall look.

Moreover, a decor of bedroom is not always about the look, but it has to be able to create a cozy vibe around. It should be a restful place which can relax our mind and body every single day.

For a modern girl bedroom, the soft colors always become the popular options. You can choose the basic neutral shade like grey and white or if you want to make it look more colorful, blushing pink, pastel purple, or baby blue are some good options to consider.

Then, since the minimalist style rules the home decorating trend today, a girl bedroom tend to be much simpler without too many things decorate the room. However, you still can place some unique catchy stuff to make it look more attractive without making it too intimidating.

Of course, it’s not that easy to decorate a girl bedroom since you have to think about the look and comfort at the same time. For that, you will need some inspiration that will help you to create your dream girl bedroom.

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Below, we share some inspiring girl bedroom ideas that you can use for your ultimate reference.

Best Modern Girl Bedroom Ideas

Modern Girl Bedroom: Modern Classic Decor

modern girls bedroom 1

A gorgeous girl bedroom which combine classic and modern style in one decor. White is used as the main color which is combined with grey rug, creating a modern neutral overall look. Then, a vintage wrought iron bed frame is made as the main focal point which gives another style beautifully.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Blushing Neutral Decor

modern girls bedroom 2

Grey colorizes all sides of the wall while all-white bedding works as the focal point which makes this bedroom look simply admirable. Those pink tones then give a blushing color touch among the neutral nuance of the room. Then, the brown rug adds a warmer hue in a very simple way.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Simple Neutral Decor

modern girls bedroom 3
The combination of white and grey of this bedroom makes it for you who love minimalist decorating style. The girlish touch is created by those fury rugs, faux flowers, and pinkish accessories. To make it look more attractive, the furniture in wood finish complete the decor.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Decorative Chic Bedroom

modern girls bedroom 4

This girl bedroom looks so catchy with the stylish mixture of color, mixture, and texture in its decor. All of the elements of the decor complement each other, creating a beautiful overall look with a very comforting atmosphere.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Elegant Neutral Decor

modern girls bedroom 5

For you who want to have a modern girl bedroom with a more gloomy nuance, this idea should be added to your inspiration list right away. Black is used to finish the walls while the grey concrete flooring complement it. The pink bed accessories then beautify the room to give a simple girly touch.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Unique Boho Decor

modern girls bedroom 6

A chic modern gils bedroom with Bohemian decorating style which is so tempting to copy. Though the room is quite small, it’s decorated by some unique decor items like the cactus tapestry, string light, and textured linens. It’s an inspiring girl bedroom that you can try to create effortlessly.

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Modern Girl Bedroom: Catchy Decorative Bedroom

modern girls bedroom 7

The vibrant tapestry, fury garland, wall arts, and unique furniture style up this modern girls bedroom in a very stylish way. It has the fabulous color and texture which flow side by side, creating a catchy overall look.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Warm Neutral Decor

modern girls bedroom 8

Instead of pink, this modern girl bedroom uses yellow to colorize its neutral color scheme. It makes the room look way more attractive with a cozy warm atmosphere. Some patterns also complete the decor which gives a more decorative touch stylishly.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Rustic Chic Decor

modern girls bedroom 9

The wood decor items and flooring with light natural finish gives a chic rustic touch to this modern girls bedroom. The bedding with white and oink look gorgeously complement the background color of the room. It’s a brightly beautiful modern bedroom idea which is so inspiring to steal.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Earthy Neutral Decor

modern girls bedroom 10

The wood flooring and indoor plant gives a stylish earthy touch to this modern girls bedroom with gray and white as its main color. It makes the room feel warmer and fresher nuance in a very enchanting way.

Modern Girl Bedroom: Decorative Neutral Bedroom

modern girls bedroom 11

The bedding with attractive pattern in pink becomes the striking focal point inside this modern girls bedroom with neutral background color. A big window lets the outdoor light to come in to the room and make it feel so airy.

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Just keep scrolling to find out more modern girls bedroom to complete your inspiration list!

modern girls bedroom 12


modern girls bedroom 13


modern girls bedroom 14


modern girls bedroom 15

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modern girls bedroom 16


modern girls bedroom 17


modern girls bedroom 18


modern girls bedroom 19


modern girls bedroom 20


modern girls bedroom 21


modern girls bedroom 22


modern girls bedroom 23


modern girls bedroom 24


modern girls bedroom 25

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So those are some awesome modern girls bedroom which are so worth to be your ultimate inspiration. They are decorated beautifully with a very cozy vibe that will make you love to stay around inside.

Decorating a girl bedroom is always a very fun thing to do when you can play with the color, pattern, texture, and all the elements of the decor. Of course, that list of modern girls bedroom idea will help you to find the one which really suits your needs and taste.

Just pick the best idea and create your very own modern girls bedroom now!

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