25+ Gorgeous Modern Backyard Landscaping Inspirations for You

The decor of your exterior area should look as attractive as possible including your backyard since it will give the first impression of how the rest of your house looks like. You have to decorate it with some decor items or even pieces of furniture to make it look and feel so inviting at the same time.

As a part of your home, the decor of your backyard should blend gorgeously with its overall look. Therefore, if you have a modern home, it’s a wiser idea to decorate your backyard with modern nuance.

When it comes to a modern backyard, the decor is usually all about simplicity since the minimalist style is so popular recently. The decor is made as simple as possible which is represented to the color, furniture configuration, decor items choices, and even the kinds of the plantation which decorate it.

The simplicity of the decor of a modern backyard makes it fit for an outdoor living space with small dimensions. You don’t really have to fill the yard with too many things to keep it simple. It also means that the decor of a modern backyard is kinda easy to create even all by yourself without any helps from a pro.

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To help you to create your very own modern backyard, below we share some inspiring ideas that you will totally admire.

Best Modern Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Stylish Small Decor

modern backyard ideas 1

This small backyard looks so stylish with the U-shaped bench as the main focal point which works as the cozy sitting area. The base is made of gravel in the earthy finish while the portable fireplace is placed on its center.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Chic BW Decor

modern backyard ideas 2

The combination of white gravel base with fence and some decor items in black creates a chic monochrome overall look. Some greeneries and plantation then colorize the decor in a very natural way.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Complete Modern Backyard

modern backyard ideas 3

A spacious modern backyard which consists of various features to provide maximum enjoyment. The area with flagstone and gravel base is used for the dining area while the leveled deck with square hot tub and sitting area is built in the corner of the yard. The yard is surrounded by cedar fence and some lots of greeneries which decorate it in a very beautiful way.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Catchy Small Yard

modern backyard ideas 4

For you who have a small outdoor living space, this idea can be a good reference to copy. The base is made of the combination of the grass field, with flagstones, and white gravels which look so attractive. The wood screens with hanging planters then decorate its grey concrete fence to create a more decorative overall look.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Cozy Decorative Backyard

modern backyard ideas 5

The leveled area with a simple sitting area and steel pergola dominate this modern backyard which makes it both look and feel so inviting. Tons of various kinds of plantations decorate the yard which enhances the attractiveness of the decor very well.

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Modern Backyard Landscaping: Simply Attractive Decor

modern backyard ideas 6

Here, the cozy sitting area with wood and gravel base becomes the main focal point to the grass field which dominates the yard. The colorful plants give a very attractive touch to its overall look. The wood fence in the deep grey finish makes the decor look modern and enhance the modern vibe around.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Stylish Chic Decor

modern backyard ideas 7

A very catchy small backyard with a gravel base and some pieces of furniture around. Some sofas with the fireplace on the center become the cozy sitting area while the 5-piece dining set completes the comfort of the yard very well. You can see some stylish lights are attached to the fence which brightens up the yard gorgeously.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Chic Neutral Decor

modern backyard ideas 8

The white gravel and flagstone base of this backyard creates a brightly beautiful overall look with a stunning modern vibe. The deck in grey finish with contemporary loungers become the stylish sitting area around. Then, the trees and greeneries colorize the decor of the yard naturally.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Small Cozy Yard

modern backyard ideas 9

Another inspiring modern backyard for you who have limited space and this one feels so cozy with the small deck and its built-in bench. The decor is designed in a very simple style with the textured base in grey which complements its neutral nuance and green wall which gives a more vibrant touch.

Modern Backyard Landscaping: Rustic Modern Decor

modern backyard ideas 10

 The sitting area with concrete base gives a rustic touch with a more modern twist to this backyard. It matches gorgeously with the home overall look and rocky concrete fence. The pieces of furniture as the focal point in grey create a nicely harmonious then.

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Just keep scrolling to find more modern backyard ideas to complete your ultimate inspiration list!

modern backyard ideas 11


modern backyard ideas 12


modern backyard ideas 13


modern backyard ideas 14



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modern backyard ideas 16


modern backyard ideas 17


modern backyard ideas 18


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modern backyard ideas 22


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modern backyard ideas 25

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Well, that is the list of modern backyard ideas that we have picked just for you. You can use it as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to decorate your very own outdoor living space.

Those ideas are decorated in a very beautiful way with a very exhilarating vibe which makes them so tempting to steal. They are so inspiring to beautify your modern home.

You just need to pick the one that really suits your needs and taste then star decorating your beloved backyard now!

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