Minimalist Living Room: 20+ Stylish Ideas That Will Amaze You

The simplicity of minimalist decorating style has been adored by many homeowners today. It’s the latest decor which is so perfect for a modern home.

The simple character of minimalist decor is represented in many ways like color option, numbers of furniture and decor items, use of patterns and texture, and so on. In other words, all of the elements of the decor should make a room look and feel inviting in a very simple way.

Besides the look, you will also love to spend a long time inside a room with minimalist decor. The effective and efficient use of all the decor stuff makes it feel so cozy. That is why you often find rooms with minimalist style always have many empty spaces which give an airy and fresh atmosphere around.

Therefore, decorating your living room with minimalist style is definitely a good idea. A living room is the best spot where all the family members and the guests gather around which means that you have to make it look as admirable and feel as comfortable as possible.

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That’s why we share this list which contains lots of inspiring minimalist living room ideas. You can add them to your reference list when you are about to decorate or redecorate your living room with minimalist style.

Best Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Minimalist Living Room: Simple Neutral Decor

minimalist living room design 1

Basically, this one is an all-white living room which looks brightly beautiful in a very simple way. Then, some pieces of furniture and accessories in grey like the small sectional, rug, and curtain decorate it without making it look intimidating.

Minimalist Living Room: Chic Textured Decor

minimalist living room design 2

The furniture set with textured fabric is made as a focal point which makes this living room look so admirable. A wallpaper with textured pattern complements the overall look of the room gorgeously. Then, a long crystal chandelier glamorizes the decor.

Minimalist Living Room: Soft Colored Decor

minimalist living room design 4

The walls in grey and flooring in light wood finish are combined beautifully, creating a colorful decor in a softer tone. Then, a soft blue sectional becomes a focal point which fits gorgeously with the overall look of the room.

Minimalist Living Room: Decorative Neutral Decor

minimalist living room design 5

Here, grey colorizes all sides of the walls and ceiling, even the wood flooring in greyish finish is chosen. Such combination creates a gorgeous neutral nuance which is perfect for a minimalist decorating style. Then, the catchy grey rug with Moroccan pattern and lots of wall arts complete the decor which makes it look more decorative but still keeps its simplicity.

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Minimalist Living Room: Chic Small Living Room

minimalist living room design 6

This idea can be a good reference for you who have a living room with limited space. The room is only completed with one medium sectional, coffee table, and rug in gorgeous brown look. The room feels so cozy even it’s designed in a quite small size.

Minimalist Living Room: Decorative Monochrome Decor

minimalist living room design 7

An attractive minimalist living room with black and white dominant color which you will totally love. The room has various kinds of patterns and texture which creates a catchy overall look. You can see the rocky accent in the window area which adds another style to the room’s decor distinctively.

Minimalist Living Room: Brightly Colorful Nuance

minimalist living room design 8

White is always a good option to create a bright overall look, and here, the color dominates the room while some chic furniture and accessories decorate it. The height of the room and its fewer numbers of furniture make it feel so airy.

Minimalist Living Room: Neutral Earthy Decor

minimalist living room design 9

This small living room looks so gorgeous with its neutral nuance and earthy decorating style. Those rattan chair, bench, pouf, and decor items beautifully give an earthy texture and color to the decor. It’s definitely a very simple way to make a small living room look more admirable.

Minimalist Living Room: Neutral Rustic Decor

minimalist living room design 10

The grey walls, sectional, and some accessories in this minimalist living room create an elegant overall look. Then, the wood finish of the table and shelving add another color alongside those gorgeous indoor plants.

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Minimalist Living Room: Bright Narrow Living Room

minimalist living room design 11

Though this minimalist living room is small, its all-white decorating style makes it look and feel so inviting. White doesn’t only colorize the layout of the room, but the furniture and accessories also come in white finish. Moreover, a huge mirror is installed on the ceiling to give a wider impression to its narrow space.

Minimalist Living Room: Airy Fresh Room

minimalist living room design 22

Huge glass window makes this small living room feels so airy. It lets the natural to come in which brightens it up beautifully. Some indoor plants decorate its neutral decor which even give a more refreshing atmosphere.

Minimalist Living Room: Beige and Grey Combination

minimalist living room design 12

Beige is a gorgeous neutral shade with a warmer hue, and here the color is combined with grey which creates a beautiful decor. The decorative brown rug and wood flooring enhance the warmth of the decor in a very stylish way. Again, a huge mirror is chosen to make the room look wider.

Minimalist Living Room: Simple Fresh Decor

minimalist living room design 13

This all white minimalist living room is decorated by some chic pieces of furniture in earthy style and indoor plants which looks so adorable. Those decor items give a nice colorful nuance without making it look too intimidating.

Minimalist Living Room: Simple Minimalist Decor

minimalist living room design 14

For an apartment concept, this minimalist living room with simple decor is a good reference. A configurable sectional, coffee table, rug, and hanging cabinets are enough to make the room look admirable and feel so comfortable at the same time.

Minimalist Living Room: Chic Decorative Decor

minimalist living room design 15

The wallpaper with striped pattern in black and white gives a catchy decorative touch to this minimalist living room. Then, all pieces of furniture, accessories, and decor items come in neutral finish to keep the simple character of its minimalist decorating style. Furthermore, the hidden LED light on the ceiling totally brings the style of the decor to a whole new level.

Minimalist Living Room: Decorative Rustic Decor

minimalist living room design 16

For you who want to have a colorful minimalist living room with warm atmosphere, this idea should be on your top list. The wood accent of the wall gives a nice rustic touch while those furniture and decor items in various color beautify the room attractively.

Minimalist Living Room: Small Stylish Room

minimalist living room design 17

A small living room which looks so stylish with its decorative monochrome overall look. One side of the walls is decorated with white brick wallpaper which gives a nice texture while its striped rug make the decor look much catchier.

Minimalist Living Room: Simple All-White Decor

minimalist living room design 18

This living room looks simply gorgeous with its all-white nuance. There’s no any vibrant colors here, but those natural finishes colorize the room beautifully. Some accessories also give a nice texture which enhance the attractiveness of the decor.

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Minimalist Living Room: Neutral Modern Decor

minimalist living room design 19

White and grey are combined in this minimalist living room which creates a nice neutral nuance. A black modern sectional then give a bolder touch to the decor while its greyish wood flooring adds a more decorative look but still keeps the neutral theme of the room.

Minimalist Living Room: Simple Attractive Decor

minimalist living room design 20

Those orange curtains and brown decor items colorize this minimalist living room with white background color attractively. It’s definitely an inspiring way to make an all white living room look more colorful.

Minimalist Living Room: Elegant Rustic Decor

minimalist living room design 21

The wall with exposed brick and natural concrete finish gives a unique rustic touch to this minimalist living room. A black sofa and decorative BW rug as the focal point then makes the room look so elegant. It’s surely a good inspiration for you who want a minimalist living room with a more decorative nuance.

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So those are some inspiring minimalist living room ideas that we have picked just for you. The look so admirable and feel so comfortable which make them so tempting to copy.

Choose the best idea that you love and style up your own living room now!

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