Minimalist Kitchen Decor: 15+ Stylish Ideas For Your Home Improvement Plan

Today, the minimalist decorating style has become everyone’s favorite. It’s the huge trend which is chosen by many homeowners to decorate their beloved home.

It’s totally understandable since minimalist decor will never fail to make a home look as stylish as possible with its simplicity. You don’t need to be ‘extra’ when you are dealing with minimalist decor but you will have a home which is adored by everyone.

It’s not all about the look though, minimalist decor also makes a room feel so cozy with its effective and efficient layout. Of course, you will never find a minimalist home with a messy decluttered nuance when minimalist decor handles it.

Moreover, it’s not really hard to decorate your home with minimalist style since you don’t have to put too many pieces of furniture, decor item, or accessories. It’s all about simplicity which makes it quite easy to create a minimalist decor all by yourself.

Obviously, styling up your kitchen with minimalist decorating style is a very good idea to consider. As a hub of a house, a kitchen should look and feel inviting at the same time, and minimalist decor will do such job very well.

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Below, we share you lots of inspiring minimalist kitchen ideas that you will totally admire.

Best Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Decoratively Monochrome Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 1
Local Concept Indonesia

White dominates this minimalist kitchen which colorizes its flooring, walls, ceiling, and cabinets which looks brightly beautiful. Then, monochrome tile is used as its backsplash and flooring accent which give a more decorative look in a simple way.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Earthy White Nuance

minimalist kitchen 2
Local Concept Indonesia

The white marble touch which applied to the backsplash and countertop of this minimalist kitchen create an all-white nuance with a more natural vibe. To make it look warmer, the wood flooring then completes the decor.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Small Modern Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 3

For you who have a narrow kitchen, this idea can be a good reference for you. Black and white become the background color which give a modern overall look. Then, some wood finish adds a more colorful touch and its subway tile enhance the decorativeness of the room’s decor.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Monochrome and Blue Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 4

The blue cabinets attractively colorize this minimalist kitchen with white as its backgrounds color. Then, the black countertop adds a more color touch which makes it look more elegant. It’s a good inspiration for you who want to have a minimalist kitchen with a more colorful decor.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Small Decorative Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 5

Another inspiring idea of a minimalist kitchen for a small house, and this one looks so decorative with lots of elements inside. The earthy tones from wood countertop and indoor plants colorize the kitchen which is dominated by white. It’s a good combination to decorate a narrow kitchen in a very attractive way.

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Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Earthy Patchwork Decor

minimalist kitchen 6

Obviously, the backsplash in patchwork pattern is the main element of this kitchen’s decor which makes it look so catchy. It gives a unique decorative touch to its white and wood overall look. The mirror cabinet door then gives a wider impression to this small minimalist kitchen.

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Minimalist Kitchen Decor: All-White Narrow Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 7

A gorgeous long-narrow minimalist kitchen with all-white overall look which is so tempting to copy. The walls, ceiling and cabinets are all finished and white while the light wood finish of the flooring and cabinet give a warmer hue but still keep the brightness of the room very well.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: White Colorful Small Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 8

This narrow kitchen looks so stylish with the colorful botanical wallpaper which gives a colorful touch to its white overall look. An exposed brick backsplash then gives a decorative look and rustic style to the room’s decor.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Small Farmhouse Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 9

A long narrow kitchen with farmhouse decor which looks so stylish. The walls and backsplash are coved with block-like tile while grey cabinets with wood countertop complement it gorgeously. Some vintage decor items beautify the decor to emphasize its farmhouse style.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Narrow White Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 10

A chic small kitchen with all-white nuance which is perfect for you who have limited space. Though it’s a very small kitchen, the decor still looks attractive with wood touch, earthy wall arts, and some catchy decor items. A big glass window is installed to maximally brighten up the kitchen so it won’t feel stuffy.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Small Earthy Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 11

Accent wall with natural wood finish decorate this small kitchen beautifully. It creates a more colorful nuance without adding any vibrant shades to its all-white overall look. The indoor plants on kitchen’s hanging cabinet then complement the decor gorgeously.

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Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Spacious Monochrome Kitchen

minimalist kitchen 12

The combination of black and white is always a good options when it comes to the minimalist decorating style. Here, white colorizes all sides of the room from the flooring to the ceiling. Then, the black frame and shelving gives a more elegant touch.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Earthy Farmhouse Decor

minimalist kitchen 13

Another beautiful minimalist kitchen with farmhouse decorating style to add to your inspiration list, and looks so chic with the combination of white and brown. The subway tile covers the backsplash which makes it look decorative in a very farmhouse way.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Neutral Nuance Decor

minimalist kitchen 14

This small kitchen is dominated by white and grey which fits well for a home with minimalist decorating style. Such combination creates a bright overall look which is great to decorate a kitchen with limited space.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Warmly Neutral Nuance

minimalist kitchen 15

White dominates this minimalist kitchen which creates a simply bright overall look. Then, the corner wall with grey exposed brick look and window frame in black finish adds other neutral touch to the decor. The cabinet door with natural wood finish as the focal point warms up the overall look of the room.

Minimalist Kitchen Decor: Earthy Monochrome Decor

minimalist kitchen 16

A monochrome kitchen which looks more decorative with some earthy touches. The hanging cabinet is finished in natural stone look with its gorgeous texture. Then, the white subway tile backsplash adds another style to the decor of the room.

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Well, those are some beautiful minimalist kitchen ideas that we have picked just for you. You can use the list as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to build a new kitchen or remodel the existing one.

The minimalist decorating style is totally a good option that you can keep in mind to sty;e up your kitchen. It creates a very stylish overall look and comforting vibe at the same time.

You don’t also need help from expert to create a minimalist decor since it’s fairly easy to get done by yourself. Of course, those inspirations will totally ease you to find a minimalist kitchen which really suits your needs and taste.

Let’s pick the best idea and start decorating your very own kitchen now!

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