Koi Pond Landscaping: 15+ Beautiful Inspirations You’ll Love

Pond is definitely one of the most popular water features which has become everyone’s favorite since ages ago. It doesn’t only enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space, but also gives a very exhilarating atmosphere around.

Today, many homeowners choose koi to complete their pond. The main reason is because these Japanese-based fish looks so beautiful with its vibrant colorful body.

Of course, koi will make your pond look and feel so joyful. It’s so relaxing end enjoyable to watch kois swim around the pond with its attractive look.

Therefore, choosing a koi pond to complete your outdoor living space. Today koi ponds are designed in tons of various styles which will never to decorate your beloved home.

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For your inspirations. below we share you lots of inspiring koi pond ideas that will totally amaze you. You can add them to your inspiration list when you have a plan to build a water feature in your outdoor space.

Best Koi Pond Ideas

Koi Pond Landscaping: Small Minimalist Design

koi pond landscaping 1

For you who have a minimalist home, this koi pond can be a good inspiration to steal. The pond is designed in small size with modern and natural decoration which looks so gorgeous.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Modern Natural Decor

koi pond landscaping 2

A gorgeous koi pond which combines modern and natural style for its decor. The concrete pathway is built from the base of the pond which gives a modern touch and provide comfort to enjoy the pond. Lots of various kinds of greeneries decorate the side of the pool beautifully.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Natural Above Ground Pond

koi pond landscaping 3

Besides an in-ground pond you can also choose the one with an above-ground design. This idea is an above-ground koi pond which looks so beautiful with its natural decoration. the glass is installed on the front face of the pond, so you can enjoy the fishes inside it.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Japanese-Style Decor

koi pond landscaping 4

The decor of this koi pond is inspired by the beauty of Japanese landscaping. Rocks, wood, and plantation flow beautifully side by side, creating an natural decor which looks so admirable. Some Japanese decor items even complete the pond area uniquely.

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Koi Pond Landscaping: Huge Waterfall Design

koi pond landscaping 5

Of course, the main element which makes this koi pond landscaping look so amazing is its huge tall waterfall. Trees and rocks then surround the pond to make it look like a real river landscaping.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Long Narrow Pond

koi pond landscaping 6

The design of this koi pond idea is a good option for you which have a narrow backyard. The pond is designed in a long-narrow shape which can fit lots of fishes inside. To make it look more beautiful, some aquatic plants with its colorful flowers are chosen.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Beautiful Small Pond

koi pond landscaping 7

Another beautiful koi pond idea for you who prefer to have a small accent water feature in your outdoor space, and this one looks colorful with natural landscaping. A vintage pot fountain then becomes the main focal point of the pond’s decor.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Small Natural Pond

koi pond landscaping 9

A beautiful small pond with a natural decoration that you can add to your inspiration list. All the greeneries and rock give a very beautiful touch which makes it perfect both for modern or classic home.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Small Above Ground Pond

koi pond landscaping 10

An above-ground koi pond which looks simply admirable with its minimalist design. The size of the pond is quite small but so enough to be an attention grabber of your outdoor living space.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Natural Asian Vibe

koi pond landscaping 11

A stunning koi pond lanscaping which will take you to the beauty of Asian natural surrounding. The bamboo trees are the key which give an Asian touch to the pond’s overall decoration.

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Koi Pond Landscaping: Small Rocky Pond

koi pond landscaping 12

Though the size of this koi pond is small, its rocky surrounding makes it look so attractive. The frame of the pond is made of stacked rocks and some aquatic plants give a brighter color touch in a very natural way.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Beautiful DIY Pond

koi pond landscaping 17

If you are willing enough to build your koi pond all by yourself, this idea can be a good reference for you. You basically need a small pond liner for the pond and some natural decor items like aquatic plants to create this kind of koi pond.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Stunning Above Ground Pond

koi pond landscaping 13

This one is an amazing above ground which will bring the style of your outdoor living space to a whole new level. It’s designed in a unique shape with glass on its side so you can watch the fishes from another angle.

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Koi Pond Landscaping: Half Circle Pond

koi pond landscaping 14

An inspiring koi pond design with half-circle design that you can copy. The landscaping looks simply attractive with the rocky nuance. It’s an easy koi pond landscaping which is so worth to try.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Unique Small Pond

koi pond landscaping 15

This small unique pond looks distinctively gorgeous with its wood frame and greeneries decoration. It’s definitely a good reference to beautify your small backyard.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Big Above Ground Pond

koi pond landscaping 16

A koi pond in big above ground design which looks so mesmerizing to style up your outdoor living space. The glass window is installed on one side of the pond which makes it become more fascinating to enjoy.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Big Earthy Pond

koi pond landscaping 21

Another amazing idea for you who have a spacious outdoor living space, and this one is decorated with various earthy elements. Trees and various kinds of greeneries dominate the area while rocks and wood complement its overall look beautifully.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Pond with Bridge Bench

koi pond landscaping 20

Adding a built-in sitting area to your koi pond is always a good option to consider. here, a bridge made of wood is installed above the pond which can be used to enjoy the fishes closer. It also gives another style which enhance the attractiveness of the pond’s decor.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Minimalist Green Pond

koi pond landscaping 18

This one is an in-ground koi pond which looks so admirable with various kinds of aquatic plantation. The pond is built in backyard with modern minimalist design.

Koi Pond Landscaping: Jungle Nuance Pond

koi pond landscaping 19

Bonsai trees become the main element of this koi pond’s decoration which creates a jungle-like nuance. They give a very mesmerizing overall look and shade the pond very well. Moreover, a waterfall with earthy design is installed in the corner of the pond

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Choosing koi pond as the main water feature of your outdoor living space is definitely a good consideration to keep mind. It will be a very beautiful oasis which will decorate your front or backyard in a very stunning way. You just need to pick the best koi pond design which matches beautifully with the decorating style of your exterior area.

However, you will need to do some regular maintenances and treatments to keep the kois inside your pond alive. Therefore, you have to spend some energy time, and even money to make sure that your koi pond look beautiful all the time

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