25+ Stylish Modern Kitchen with Islands Ideas with Cozy Atmosphere

You may have heard some home experts said that a kitchen is a hub of every home. But what does that really mean? Well, since it’s a hub, you can do a lot of things in your kitchen which means it’s not only the room that you use to prepare some foods or meals. In your kitchen, you can have some joyful chats with your family and friends, browse some news, read books, do some homework, and so on.

However, to enable to do those kinds of activities, you need to provide great comfort inside your kitchen. Of course, it strongly relates to the features that you install. For instance, you can add an island which can work as an additional sitting and prep area in your kitchen which will surely make it look and feel way more inviting.

Once you install an island, you will have a cozy spot that you cause to do some fun activities comfortably and conveniently. It’s such addition that everyone can enjoy so they will love to stay inside your kitchen for hours and hours.

Moreover, an island is also a centerpiece of a kitchen which surely grabs most of the attention. It will become the major focal point which means that you have to choose the one which looks as attractive as possible since it has a huge influence in creating the overall look of your kitchen.

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Below, we share you dozens of kitchen with islands ideas that will mesmerize you!

Best Kitchen with Islands Ideas

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Modern Earthy Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Modern Earthy Design

White marble doesn’t only become the counter of this kitchen island but also covers its side. The cabinets which are made of wood in a natural finish in a sleek design which give a warm earthy touch to its overall look. The island has two sections in which one section to prepare some food and the other one to enjoy some meals.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Elegant Rustic Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Elegant Rustic Design

The L-shaped grey marble construction covers the wood cabinet in black which builds the design of this modern kitchen cabinet. It looks so elegant with a natural texture which fits the kitchen with a minimalist decorating style very well. As a bonus, some open shelves complete the storage space as an addition to those cabinets so you can store more stuff conveniently.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Sleek Wood Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Sleek Wood Design

A gorgeous kitchen island which is made of wood in natural finish is the centerpiece of this kitchen with the all-white overall look. As the focal points, it gives a beautiful warm hue and earthy texture which is enough to make the neutral nuance of the kitchen look way more attractive. The solid white stone countertop then completes the design to complement the main color of the room.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Earthy Monochrome Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Earthy Monochrome Design

The main construction of this kitchen island is made of wood in a sleek design which is finished in a deep tone. Then, the white stone construction which also works as its countertop is added which create a stylish monochrome overall look. The design of the island perfectly harmonizes the background color of the room which also combines black and white perfectly.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Simple Earthy Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas 5

For you who have a small or medium kitchen, this kind of island will surely make it look and feel way more inviting. The wood platform is framed by concrete construction in the white finish which matches the decor of the kitchen itself. The island is enough to handle 5 stools which can be a cozy sitting spot for everyone to do some fun things in the room.

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Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Enchanting All-White Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas 6

The combination of solid white base and white marble countertop of this kitchen island creates a very beautiful all-white overall look which gorgeously brightens up the nuance of this kitchen. The contemporary stools with wood seat and black steel legs decorate it to make the island area look more colorful. Of course, it’s a very admirable kitchen island which is perfect for you who love the minimalist decor.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Boldly Stylish Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas 7

An island with navy cabinet and stone countertop in solid white finish becomes a very stylish focal point in this kitchen. The design matches well with the main cabinet which creates a nicely harmonious overall look then. The metal pools in chrome finish give some catchy details which make the island look more attractive.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Elegant Small Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas 8

Another inspiring island which fits for you who have a kitchen with narrow dimensions and it’s designed elegantly in a monochromatic style. The base of the island with cabinet is finished in white while the black stone countertop completes it. Some black stools are provided which also complement the overall design of the island in a very admirable way.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Simple Earthy Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Simple Earthy Design

This one is an all-white island with the sleek clean-lined design which looks simply gorgeous. Then, a thick wood plank is attached to its countertop which works as the bar to make it more convenient to use. It doesn’t only complete the feature of the island but also give a more decorative touch at the same time.

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Stunning Rustic Design

Kitchen with Islands Ideas: Stunning Rustic Design

The main construction of this kitchen island is made of concrete in the natural finish while the wood countertop completes it which makes it fit for you who love rustic decorating style. The steel leg of the cabinet is finished in chrome which adds an elegant modern twist. It’s a unique kitchen island which is so tempting to have.

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Just keep scrolling to find more kitchen with island ideas that will totally inspire you!

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Kitchen with Islands Ideas 20

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Kitchen with Islands Ideas 25

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Well, those are the best kitchen with island ideas that we have picked just for you. They are designed perfectly both to become the comfy sitting area and also as the main focal point of the room which creates a very admirable overall look. Of course, you can use them as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to update your beloved kitchen.

They really fir for the modern minimalist kitchen due to their contemporary designs. You can either make your island to harmonize the overall look of your kitchen or let it create its own statement as the major focal point of the room.

Adding a kitchen island is absolutely a very good idea that you can keep in mind. It’s an addition which works both to enhance the beauty and comfort of your kitchen. You will never go wrong by considering an island to complete the features of your kitchen. Hopefully, our list of the kitchen with island ideas can help you to find the one which really suits your needs and taste.

Now, you just need to pick the best kitchen island that you really love, and start updating your very own kitchen now!

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