25+ Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas of 2019

The cabinet is the most important element of a kitchen which works to provide the essential function and decorate the room. It takes up the most available space around the kitchen.

As you have known, the main function of the cabinet is to provide the proper storage to neatly arrange all of your kitchen stuff. You can’t really have a cozy kitchen without any cabinets installed inside the room.

Then, the cabinet always becomes the main focal point of the room which means that you have to install the one which looks as attractive as possible. In fact, it has a very huge role in determining the overall look and nuance of your kitchen’s decor.

The design of a kitchen cabinet is mainly determined by its finish, texture, pattern, and hardware. Since working as the main focal point, the finish of the cabinet will become the main secondary color besides the background color of the room. Then, its texture and hardware will give a more decorative touch to the decor.

The trend of the kitchen cabinet color keeps changing from time to time. You will find that the finish of your existing cabinet may not suit the latest trend which is happening recently.

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To inspire you, we have picked tons of trendy kitchen cabinet ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to update your kitchen decor.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Elegant in Black

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The cabinet in black finish will give a stylish masculine touch which makes your kitchen look so elegant. The countertop in a wood finish and bronze or gold hardware can add a warmer contrast which enhances its attractiveness. This kind of cabinet can match easily with a kitchen with almost all background colors.

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Chic Pure WHite

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Since an all-white kitchen becomes so popular these days, the cabinet with pure white finish also becomes everyone’s favorite. It works very well to harmonize a kitchen with white background color or to brighten up the one with the colorful background color. A white marble countertop is a good option to beautify a kitchen cabinet with such finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Simply Stylish Grey

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A grey cabinet is a perfect choice for you who have a kitchen with a minimalist decorating style which gives a stylish color in a very simple way. The white countertop is a good addition for a cabinet with grey finish to balance its neutral overall look. The neutral character of a grey cabinet makes it easy to match with other colors whether with basic neutral shades or the vibrant ones.

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Gorgeous Prussian Blue

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The cabinet with Prussian blue will never fail to make a kitchen decor look as stylish as possible. It gives a bold touch to the kitchen with the basic or neutral background color. Since the use of the Prussian cabinet may make your kitchen look too intimidating, you can complement it with a white countertop or smaller cabinets. Commonly, a kitchen cabinet with this finish comes with bronze or gold hardware which can enhance its attractiveness.

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Mesmerizing Natural Wood

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The kitchen cabinet in the natural wood finish is a timeless choice which is adored by many homeowners since ages ago. The one with the lighter color is the most popular one nowadays. It will give an earthy warm contrast and nuance to your kitchen in a very mesmerizing way.

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Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Stylish Bold Navy

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Navy is undoubtedly the stylish color which is always a good choice to keep in mind. The color works very well to make an all-white kitchen look much bolder. The gold hardware will glamorize the overall look of a navy kitchen cabinet while the white countertop can brighten it up beautifully.

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Elegant Espresso Wood

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For you who want to have an earthy kitchen cabinet with a more elegant look, the one with espresso finish can be a good option to keep in mind. It will colorize a white kitchen with its deep natural look or complement the warmth of the kitchen with wood domination. The metal pulls will make an espresso kitchen cabinet look way more modern.

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Just keep scrolling to find more kitchen cabinet ideas that will totally inspire you!

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So those are the best kitchen cabinet ideas that we have picked just for you. They look so admirable to enhance the beauty of your kitchen decor and create a very exhilarating atmosphere which makes them so worth to be the ultimate reference to update your kitchen.

Of course, you can always start with changing the color of your cabinet when you are about to remodel the decor of your kitchen. You will have a much fresher overall look once you change its cabinet which works as the main focal point.

However, though the cabinet is an attention grabber of the kitchen, you still have to make sure that it can harmoniously complement all the elements of the room. The color should be able to flow beautifully with the pieces of furniture, appliances, decor items, and accessories of the room or you may end up having a kitchen which doesn’t look and feel so inviting.

Just pick the best kitchen cabinet color that really suits your needs and taste, then start updating your very own kitchen now!

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