25+ Beautifully Exhilarating Japanese Bathroom Decor Inspirations

Choosing a particular style to decorate your bathroom is totally a great idea to consider. You will have a bathroom decor with a certain character which also sparks out a very exhilarating atmosphere.

There are tons of decorating style options that you can choose like farmhouse, Scandinavian, country, Japanese, and more. Each one of them has its own character with different overall look and nuance which may or may not suit you.

When it comes to Japanese decorating style, the room will be filled with tons of earthy elements like wood, rock, and bamboo. Then, of course, some decor items with Japanese style like sliding door with translucent paper, lantern, pots, and wall art will decorate the room in a very mesmerizing way.

Furthermore, you can combine the Japanese touch of the decor with modern fixtures or pieces of furniture to create a more trendy overall look. It’s definitely a good way to make a traditional atmosphere of the Japanese decor feels more contemporary.

With the used of those elements of the decor, a bathroom with Japanese decorating style always feels so comfortable with its warming earthy nuance. Therefore, you will have a way more fun bath experience on a regular basis.

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To inspire you, we have picked tons of amazing Japanese bathroom decor ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference to style up your beloved bathroom with an Asian vibe.

Best Japanese Bathroom Decor Ideas

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Simple Minimalist Style

japanese bathroom decor 1

Basically, this one is an all-white small bathroom which looks brightly decorative with the subway tiles which cover all sides of the wall. The wood flooring and bathtub then colorize the room which also gives a Japanese touch to its overall look.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Elegantly Bold Decor

japanese bathroom decor 2

The combination of wood and black tile which dominates this bathroom creates a Japanese nuance with a more boldly elegant style. The huge glass window and door which lets the outdoor light to come to the room brighten up the room and make it feel so airy.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Chic Woody Nuance

japanese bathroom decor 3

Wood becomes the main elements of this small bathroom which is applied to all sides of the wall, bathtub, step and the pieces of furniture. They give a very beautiful warm hue which is the soothed by the elegant black tile.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Rustic Modern Bathroom

japanese bathroom decor 4

Here, wood planks in light natural finish cover the wall and ceiling which creates a bright overall look with a warmer vibe. Those white bathroom fixture then even brightens up the room and also gives a more modern touch.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Modern Rustic Style

japanese bathroom decor 5

Wood plank covers the entire wall and ceiling while the grey tile with concrete texture handles half of the wall and flooring, creating a gorgeous rustic decor with a more modern twist. To make the room feels more comfortable, a huge glass window is installed which also allows you to enjoy the outdoor surrounding.

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Japanese Bathroom Decor: Gorgeous Narrow Bathroom

japanese bathroom decor 6

This one is a narrow bathroom with all-white nuance which is so inspiring to copy. The bathtub is covered by wood construction which looks so striking among the white background color of the room. As the focal point, the bathtub brings the style of the room to a whole new level.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Decorative White Nuance

japanese bathroom decor 7

All sides of the walls of this small bathroom are covered by white subway tile which creates a decoratively harmonious nuance. A traditional round hot tub made of wood becomes the main focal point which gives a chic Asian vibe in a very simple way.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Elegant Rustic Bathroom

japanese bathroom decor 8

The combination of tile with the rocky finish and wood elements of this bathroom create an elegant rustic overall look on a very mesmerizing way. The sleek square wooden bathtub as the focal point gives a more modern vibe to the decor. To brighten up the room, a huge glass window is installed which also makes it feel much airier.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Sleek Traditional Decor

japanese bathroom decor 9

The rustic wooden bathtub in a clean-lined design with the rocky flooring and step gives an earthy traditional touch to this small bathroom. Those focal points are enough to make this bathroom look uniquely gorgeous. For sure, this idea is a good reference for you who love minimalist Japanese bathroom.

Japanese Bathroom Decor: Elegant Decorative Bathroom

japanese bathroom decor 10

Choosing a wooden bathtub is always an easy way to give a chic Japanese touch to your bathroom decor that you can try. Here, a rectangular wooden bathtub is made as an attention grabber which adds another style to the room’s decor. Then, an accent wall which is covered by Moroccan tile makes the room look more attractive on a more distinctive way.

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Just keep scrolling to find more Japanese bathroom decor ideas that you will totally admire!

japanese bathroom decor 11


japanese bathroom decor 12


japanese bathroom decor 13


japanese bathroom decor 14


japanese bathroom decor 15


japanese bathroom decor 16




japanese bathroom decor 18


japanese bathroom decor 19


japanese bathroom decor 20

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japanese bathroom decor 21


japanese bathroom decor 22


japanese bathroom decor 23


japanese bathroom decor 24


japanese bathroom decor 25

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Well, that is the list of inspiring Japanese bathroom decor ideas that we have picked just for you. You can add them to your inspiration list to create a bathroom with distinctive decor and atmosphere that everyone will love.

Choosing Japanese decorating style to style up your very own bathroom since it will make it look uniquely attractive with a very warming nuance. Of course, those ideas will help you to find the best Japanese bathroom decor which really suits your needs and taste.

So now, happy decorating your beloved bathroom with the beauty of Japanese decor!

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