Industrial bedroom: All Things You Should Know About Industrial Decor

Indeed, It is not surprising industrial bedroom become more popular day by day. The industrial bedroom have a strong engaging atmosphere, it feels so nostalgic and classic. Do you feel it?

Here are some gems you will get after reading this article:

  • Tons of amazing industrial bedroom ideas.
  • Industrial bedroom decoration tips from professional interior designer.
  • Actionable tips you can apply to choose the right industrial bedroom furniture.

So, let’s get into it!

Industrial Bedroom Ideas

“Gimme some ideas!” That’s what my head shout to myself when I stuck and need inspiration for my project. lol

Ideas are like a puzzle. We should place the right piece in the right place, so we can complete the whole puzzle. Make sure you gather great ideas to ensure your bedroom decoration puzzle looks awesome.

Here are some pieces for your industrial bedroom decor puzzle.

Modern Industrial Bedroom

Image Source

Industrial doesn’t always mean classic and old-school, it can also be gorgeously modern. You can see how modern touch in this bedroom blends nicely with classy industrial design.

Its ceramic tails solidify the modern statement the decoration while the rugs add warmth on this stylish bedroom.

In a simple word: Amazing!

Rustic Industrial Bedroom

Image Source

As a designer myself, I really praise this awesome work by Stephen (my fellow interior designer from Miami). Can you see how great the detail is? And then, can you feel the strong amusing feeling like I feel?

That’s the power of interior design. It can easily create a strong amusing feeling that affects your mind. So, make sure you have amazing decoration in every room to make everyone happy (or happier).

Industrial Bedroom Furniture

Image Source

Using furniture is unavoidable because we need it for storage. And of course, you should use industrial furniture design to solidify your decoration.

Normally, industrial furniture has a unique characteristic that resembles the industry itself. The material used for industrial furniture usually made of unfinished wood design, or 100% metal.

So, if you want to buy one, make sure you choose the right furniture that resembles your industrial bedroom.

Industrial Chic Bedroom Ideas

Image Source

You can combine several decoration style and make it looks amazing. It is tricky and you should picky regarding material used for your bedroom. Like this industrial chic bedroom decoration. I love it!

It combines Shabby Chic décor that has strong flower accent and industrial design that looks bit rusty.

Industrial Bedroom Accessories

Image Source

Details are important for polishing your bedroom decoration. In this case, almost every inch of this bedroom has adoring accessories to bold the statement. It conveys the designer ideas and strengthens the industrial concept. Unfinished wall, rug, and even the cactus have a solid industrial theme to ensure everything looks awesome.

So, if you aiming to having an amazing bedroom, make sure to enlighten the decoration by adding small detail like accessories and plants.

Rustic Industrial Bedroom Furniture

Image Source

This interior design a little bit different than typical industrial bedroom decor. It is a wonderful mix between rustic and industrial decoration. Infact, this awesome mix give me some ideas and inspiration for my next project.

I love that industrial bike printing. It successfully attract my attention because it nicely blended with rustic decoration. A one simple detail that change the entire bedroom, fantastic.

Industrial Bedroom Furniture Set

Image Source

If you want a shortcut for decorating your industrial bedroom, the easiest way is to add bedroom sets which will do the most work for you. Like this awesome bedroom decor from Overstock. You can have this furniture set and focus on small detail later on.

Remember to add unperfectness in your bedroom. A pretty unperfection that has an industrial theme in it.

Industrial Bedroom Decor

Image Source

If you wonder what is the secret to create awesome industrial bedroom decor, I’ll tell you one little secret. Unperfect-ness!

Like this eye-catching bedroom decor that show us a different approach for decorating an industrial bedroom.

Its unfinished wall is the main decoration of this awesome room. Yes, the unfinished and ugly looking wall is the main reason why this room looks so engaging.

Of course, you need to enlighten the decoration by adding another detail which looks (much) prettier. After you resemble all the decoration piece, you will get an amazing industrial bedroom that looks soooo amazing.

Industrial Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Image Source

Do you know the reason why industrial bedroom looks so engaging? The secret is; you should have enough space and create a spacious bedroom design and tied it up with awesome detail. Details like this bedroom lightning, to make it so attractive.

As you can see, there is a minimum decoration detail in this room. Just a simple bed, unfinished wall design and eye-catching lightning. It is not hard to copy and you can easily design your own industrial bedroom.

Industrial Bedroom Design

Image Source

You maybe wondering what to do with your inspiration and ideas and combine it all into one amazing room. The secret is un-perfection. Make sure to add a unfinisihed element in your bedroom to bring a strong industrial element.

Vintage Industrial Bedroom

Image Source


If you have some great memories in the old days, you can rebuild that feeling by decorating your bedroom the old ways. Like this pretty vintage industrial décor.

I love the detail of this bedroom. It feels like using a time machine and back to 80s or 70s. In a simple word: Amazing!

Pro Tips

  1. Take a Note

This is a simple thing that most people don’t do after finding great inspiration for decorating. If you like one particular object from a room, make a note and try your best to find a similar item.

You can’t just copy-cat the entire decoration from your dreamed design even if you really want it. Every room is unique, its dimension, lightning, etc. So, if you get attractive decoration stuff to add it into your note.

  1. Imagination

This one is a little bit tricky, but it is the most important one. If your budget are limited you can’t by every decoration item that you like. You should pick the best for your room and mix it in your mind.


Having a pretty and attractive room is everyone dreams. Moreover, a bedroom is a sanctuary for us and we must make it comfortable. I really hoped you can create one amazing industrial bedroom, a place that you can proud of.

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