25+ Elegant Modern Industrial Bedroom Ideas with Cozy Vibe

As a spot where you relax your body and mind after a long tiring day, a bedroom always becomes one of the essential parts of a house which has to provide great comfort for you. It means that it can be quite difficult to decorate it since you have to make it look beautiful and also feel cozy to enjoy every single night.

Today, it’s such a popular way to choose one particular decorating style to beautify a bedroom. You can easily find tons of decorating style options and each one of them has its own characteristic which determines how your bedroom will look and feel like.

The industrial decorating style is undoubtedly the top option which becomes everyone’s favorite today. Its unique characteristic has grabbed many homeowner’s attention to bring the style to their own home.

Industrial decor simply offers the enhancing overall look and comforting atmosphere by the use of raw and earthy material for its main decor elements. The color of a room with industrial decor mostly uses the neutral shades with a little bit of pop up touch or natural tone to make it look more attractive. Due to those kinds of elements, the atmosphere that an industrial bedroom will give you is the warmly relaxing vibe which is so irresistible.

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To ensure you to choose such decorating style, we share dozens of dreamy industrial bedroom ideas below.

Best Industrial Bedroom Ideas

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Superb Rustic Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Superb Rustic Decor

The combination of the wallpaper with exposed brick print, white wall with distressed texture, and wood flooring in raw finish create an awesome rustic overall look in this bedroom. The bedding with black metal frame and grey linens is the focal point which balances the nuance of the room elegantly. To make the room look brighter and feel airier, a big-sized window is installed which lets the natural light to come to the room and circulate the air properly.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Rustic Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Rustic Decor

This bedroom decor is perfect for you who love the one with masculine nuance. Black works as the background color with the exposed brick accent wall in the greyish finish, creating an attractive overall look but still keeps its masculine character. To warm up the nuance, the wood flooring is chosen which also complement the brick wall. The sleek pieces of furniture decorate its spacious dimensions which makes it feel so inviting.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Stylish Monochrome Decor

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Basically, this one is an all-white bedroom but its greyish brick wallpaper adds a rustic touch which simply makes it look much catchier. A vintage bed frame with monochrome linens and accessories become the main focal point which flows beautifully with the overall look of the room. For sure, it’s a very inspiring idea or you who want to have an industrial bedroom with a more youthful nuance.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Modern Earthy Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Modern Earthy Decor

Wood planks cover one side of the wall and flooring of this bedroom which adds earthy texture and tone to its all-white nuance. Some decor items which are made of steel decorate the room to enhance the industrial vibe inside. Then, the bedding with grey and brown bedding harmonizes all the decor elements very well. It’s definitely an admirable master bedroom with narrow dimensions which is so tempting to copy.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Chic Teen Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Chic Teen Decor

A wallpaper with a brick pattern in grey, black pipes, lighting with exposed wire, and rustic pieces of furniture decorate this bedroom with an industrial style which is perfect for teen boys. Its monochrome background color even gives a more stylish touch inside. You can easily copy this bedroom without costing you a lot.

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Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Earthy Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Earthy Decor

Wood covers one side of the walls of this bedroom which adds a gorgeous rustic touch to its monochrome decor. It warms up the atmosphere of the room which instantly comforts the room. The grey bed frame with white linens then brightens up the overall look of the room in a very adorable way. It’s a very inspiring industrial bedroom for the one with limited space.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Stylish Rustic Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Stylish Rustic Decor

Of course, the main key which gives an industrial touch to this bedroom is its exposed brick wall. It brings the superb rustic touch to its neutral overall look which combines white and grey as its main color. The vintage bedding and wall arts add more industrial vibe in a very attractive way. The glass window brightens up the room by letting the natural outdoor light to come inside.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Neutral Rustic Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Neutral Rustic Decor

The exposed brick walls of this bedroom are finished in grey while black handles the ceiling, creating a rustic overall look in a more elegant way. The wood bedding, nightstands, and cupboard in the natural finish are the main focal point of the room which give a warm tone and atmosphere inside. It’s a gorgeous industrial bedroom with masculine nuance that everyone will surely love.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Catchy Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Elegant Catchy Decor

The black exposed brick wall of this bedroom looks distinctively elegant which is brightened up by the white ceiling. The bedding in red colorizes its neutral nuance which also adds another style stylishly. Some exposed pipes even decorate the wall to emphasize the industrial touch inside. Moreover, the indoor plants also complete the decor which also freshens the atmosphere inside.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Catchy Bright Decor

Industrial Bedroom Ideas: Catchy Bright Decor

If those industrial bedrooms with gloomy nuance are not your type, then this idea should be on your top list. An exposed brick wall with the accent in the natural concrete finish is the main attention grabber here. Those elements of steel and wood than give more raw touch elegantly. Surprisingly, the wall arts in yellow make the room look and feel more cheerful in a very attractive way.

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Just keep scrolling to find more industrial bedroom ideas that will totally inspire you!

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Well, those are the best industrial bedroom ideas that we have picked just for you. They look so awesome with a very relaxing atmosphere which will not only amaze everyone but also helps you to get a much better relaxing time. Of course, you can use them as the ultimate reference when you have a plan to decorate or redecorate your beloved bedroom.

An industrial decorating style is totally an option that you can always consider. You will have an authentic bedroom which looks so mesmerizing and feel captivating once you apply it.

It’s also not only really that hard to create. Some essential elements like exposed brick, steel, wood, indoor plants are easily available and you can get them without spending a lot of budgets. Hopefully, our list of best industrial bedroom ideas can help you to find the one which really suits your needs and taste.

Now, just pick the best industrial bedroom that you really love and start decorating your very own bedroom now!

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