Indoor Swimming Pool: 25+ Fascinating Design Ideas

Water feature is always a good addition that you can consider to complete your home and swimming pool is one of the most popular options which are chosen by many homeowners since ages ago. It doesn’t only work aesthetic purpose but also becomes an exhilarating home addition to enjoy by everyone.

Yeap, having a swimming pool means that you will have a mesmerizing home decor and a spot to do various kinds of aquatic activity. That’s why it never loses its popularity from time to time.

Nowadays, swimming pools are designed in various styles to suit your taste and need. The one with inground installation design is always everyone’s favorite up until today.

Commonly, homeowners build their swimming pool around the exterior area (backyard, particular) since it’s more practical. It’s a wide area which is enough to handle a swimming pool with all of its components.

But, there are some homeowners who prefer to build their swimming pools inside a room, whether it’s separated from the main building of the house or the pool has its own particular room.

The pool is surrounded by walls with the shade which makes it able to enjoy in any weather conditions. For sure, an indoor swimming pool offers a more fun and exhilarating experience than the outdoor ones.

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To inspire you, we share lots of indoor swimming pool ideas which will totally blow your mind below.

Best Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas

Indoor Swimming Pool: Earthy Coastal Hall

indoor swimming pool 1

The white shade made of wood planks cover the hall of its indoor wall which brightly brightens up the whole room. The rocky wall and wood flooring in natural finish complement it, creating a beautiful coastal nuance. To make it feel airy, the glass surround the room and installed on the ceiling.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Transparent Glass Room

indoor swimming pool 2

This swimming pool is surrounded by glass walls and ceiling which looks so stunning. The design of the room lets you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor surrounding but protects you from the harsh weather condition.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Modern Earthy Decor

indoor swimming pool 3

A mesmerizing indoor swimming pool with awesome earthy decor which is so worth to add to your inspiration list. The wall is covered by rocks while the green accent wall with waterfall becomes the main focal point.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Gorgeous Wood Hall

indoor swimming pool 4

Wood element dominates the decor of this indoor swimming pool which creates a beautiful earthy overall look. The glass ceiling and wall brightens up the room and makes it feel so airy.

Indoor Swimming Pool: Modern Rustic Hall

indoor swimming pool 5

The base on this swimming pool is made of tile with natural rock finish which complements its natural concrete wall fabulously. The hidden light is installed to brighten up the room in a more modern way. Then, the glass completes the layout of the room to make it feel more joyful.

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Just keep scrolling to find more indoor swimming pool ideas that you can use for your ultimate reference!

indoor swimming pool 6


indoor swimming pool 7


indoor swimming pool 8


indoor swimming pool 9


indoor swimming pool 10

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indoor swimming pool 11


indoor swimming pool 12


indoor swimming pool 13


indoor swimming pool 14


indoor swimming pool 15

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indoor swimming pool 16


indoor swimming pool 17


indoor swimming pool 18


indoor swimming pool 19


indoor swimming pool 20


indoor swimming pool 21


indoor swimming pool 22


indoor swimming pool 23


indoor swimming pool 24

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Well, that is the list of indoor swimming pool ideas that we have created just for you. They are so mind-blowing which make them so tempting to have.

Installing an indoor swimming pool is absolutely a good consideration that you can keep in mind. It’s a cozy and fun addition that you can enjoy all the time with everyone.

However, the cost to build an indoor swimming pool is much more expensive than the outdoor one. You will need to prepare around $500 up to $8,000 to build an indoor swimming pool. If you choose an outdoor swimming pool, the budget that you should have is at least $20,000.

Moreover, you will have to do a more tricky maintenance to take care of an outdoor swimming pool. It relates to the humidity, chemical treatment, and some other stuff.

Therefore, an indoor swimming pool is for you who have an extra budget and willing to maintain it on regular basis.

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