How to Organize Linen Closets Properly to Get a Neat Overall Look

Finally, you no longer have any empty space to store your linens since the closet is heavily stuffed. You don’t have any space to store your brand-new or freshly-washed linens properly.

Below, we share with you a quick guide on how to organize linen closets that you can add to your DIY home care list right away!

How to Organize Linen Closets

How to Organize Linen Closets
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Manage the space

The biggest challenge that you will face to get the job done is that you have too much stuff in your linen closet. That being said, the first thing that you have to do is to manage the space by selecting which items you need to keep and throw away. In other words, you need to edit your storage space

Throw the stained, ripped, and worn linens right away which are not worthy to use anymore. You will see that you have a more spacious closet to manage.

Add some baskets

One thing that makes linen closets look so messy is that it gets stuffed with stacked towels. To overcome this issue, you can add some stylish baskets that can keep your linens organized neatly. Use each basket for each category of linens to provide more convenient access for all of the family members at home.

Another alternative to the baskets is the plastic containers which come with clear transparent looks. They will offer you clear visibility to see your linens from a distance.

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Store by level

Use each level of the shelving to store different kinds of linens. Use the top shelf to store the lightest linens, the middle shelf to store daily linens (that you use the most), and the low part to store bulky linens. This will help you to grab the linens based on how you use them on a regular basis.

In addition to storing the linens by level, you can use those baskets and containers to categorize the linens. Those portable organizers allow you to separate your bedroom and bathroom linens tidily. To even ease your daily routine, stick some labels to each organizer with the name of each category.

Fold the linens properly

From now on, avoid folding your linens carelessly since it will waste space in your closet. You can learn the art of linen folding which will show you how to get the job done properly. You will see how much space you actually have once you have mastered this skill.

The rule of thumb is to fold the linens by referring to the size of your shelf to ensure that the space is used effectively without damaging them.

Replace the linens on a regular basis

In the long run, set a schedule to replace your linens that start to show some wear and tear. Keeping them in your closet will just create uncontrolled clutter and you can’t expect to have a manageable linen closet at all.

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